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  • Bet on industrial parks
  • Furniture makers, of course, “for”
  • The export of firewood caused a shortage of wood
  • Hettich has proposed a new hybrid format to promote its products
  • The synergy of painting and furniture

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. The Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the law “On Industrial Parks”, which should promote investment.

The law provides for the introduction of compensation to management companies, initiators of creation – business entities and participants in industrial parks 50% of the cost of connection and connection to the grid. Compensation to participants of industrial parks of interest on credits is introduced.       

It is expected that the law will reveal the potential of industrial parks as an effective mechanism for overcoming industrial problems and the consequences of the current economic crisis in Ukraine caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.     

2. Ukraine invited the United States to establish a free trade area. “We want to strengthen our economy because we understand that money is needed to protect the country. It is desirable to earn them with a strong economy, which allows creating reserves, and, as in Poland, then spend them on defence, “- said on this occasion, Foreign Minister D. Kuleba.

3. Europeans are actively buying Ukrainian firewood due to the sharp rise in gas prices. Due to this, the current shortage of quality wood in Ukraine is the largest in the last ten years, according to ZN.ua. Exports have been growing since May this year. The number of customs declarations for timber exports increased by 39%, and the number of exports of fuel products – by 36%.

The price of Ukrainian firewood for Europeans is about 100-120 euros per two-cubic meter package, ie one warehouse of firewood costs only 50-60 euros. To this amount must be added the cost of delivery. However, this price is low for Europeans given the size of their salaries.

4. At the end of the year, Hettich invited its customers and partners around the world to a grand joint digital final “Best of HettichXperiencedays 2021”.

On September 2, the event could be seen live on the xdays.hettich.com portal, and now you can watch it in a record in the media library. After September 2, Hettich subsidiaries around the world will continue to conduct online tours for customers on key aspects of HettichXperiencedays, as well as organize visits to showrooms in the field.

Highlighting the mega-trends “Urbanization”, “Individualization” and “New workspace”, Hettich successfully uses its new hybrid format to present innovative furniture accessories for its customers and partners around the world.

5. RIM Group was a partner of the exhibition of Kyiv artist Maria Vozvishaeva “EQUILIBRIUM”.

“Equilibrium” translated from Latin means “equilibrium”, and the exhibition demonstrates balance as a system in which the collision of different competitive assumptions and ideas shows a new path to balance through colour and texture.

The exhibition “EQUILIBRIUM” invites the viewer to look into the depths of their consciousness and find their own way to inner balance. You can enjoy the synergy of art and exquisite Italian furniture in the Museum of History of Kyiv.

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