Not competition, but collaboration! Buyers meet-up: Italy and Ukraine.

We continue to move steadily towards the breakthrough of the furniture industry and design industry of Ukraine.

That is why the online marathon of B2B meetings for UAFM members has started.

On July 17, 2020, UAFM together with the association “Made in Ukraine for Italy” held a Buyers meet-up: Italy and Ukraine.

Ukrainian furniture companies present themselves and their product to the Italian furniture market.

We talked about the following:

● “Made in Ukraine for Italy” as a launching pad for Ukrainian companies interested in selling their goods, services and technologies on the Italian market.      

● Demonstration of the potential and capabilities of Ukrainian producers on the European market.      

● Cooperation of Ukrainian and Italian companies in production, development of new technologies and provision of services on world markets.      

● In recent years, the pride of Italy – “Made in Italy”, a guarantee of a combination of high quality, technology, fashion and style, is developing rapidly, and Ukrainian quality and capabilities “Made in Ukraine for Italy” have all the prerequisites to take a worthy place in Italian imports and services.      

● The Made in Ukraine for Italy Association aims to unite efforts in various areas of economic activity and create a reliable platform for Ukrainian companies in Italy, assist in the development of sales systems, provide information and legal support.      

Services of the association “Made in Ukraine for Italy”:

● Search for business partners;      

● creation of joint events;      

● individual and group advertising, promotion of products and services throughout Italy;      

● participation in national and international exhibitions, organization of B2B meetings and trade missions; opening offices and showrooms;      

● creation and promotion of websites and online stores;      

● organization of transportation of goods;      

● assistance in drawing up product certificates and other documents, legalization and translation of correspondence, contracts, technical documentation.      

Event speakers:

Participants from the Italian side:

● Iryna Kolomoyets – founder of the project and President of the association “Made in Ukraine for Italy”, co-founder of the Italian representative office in Ukraine Gruppo Italia.      

● Giuseppe Colantuono – Chairman of the association “Made in Ukraine for Italy”, founder of the representative office of the group of Italian manufacturers LLC “Group Italy”, which has been operating since 2008.      

● Iryna Nizhynska – the official representative of the CCI of Ukraine in Italy (Lombardy and Piedmont regions).      

● Alessandro Peduzzi – head of the architectural and design bureau “CP Progetti Peduzzi”.      

Participants from the Ukrainian side:

● Oksana Donska – a member of the audit committee of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers and co-founder of MebelOK.      

● Irina Popova is a representative of Domberg.      

● Marina Matsyuk – Head of Procurement Department of TOPMEBEL Group of Companies.      

● Lesya Lobatyuk, representative of MYRT.      

● Andriy Burzi, founder of Wood Mood.      

● Volodymyr Patis – President of the Ukrainian Furniture Association.      

Also within the framework of the event, a memorandum of interaction and cooperation was signed between the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers and the Made in Ukraine for Italy Association.

The Italian representatives were satisfied with the meeting and aimed at further long-term cooperation with Ukrainian companies.

Let’s create and promote the world brand FURNITURE OF UKRAINE together!

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