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Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant to the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. On July 15, a test version of the free fiscal application of the software registrar of settlement operations (PRRO) became available in Ukraine. It can be used by small and medium-sized businesses. The full launch of the program for “cash registers in a smartphone” is scheduled for August 1.

The free fiscal application is posted on the website of the State Tax Service. Registration of PRRO is carried out by submitting an application for registration of the software registrar of settlement operations (form J / F 1316602). Business representatives can get acquainted with the functionality of the program in the Electronic office of the taxpayer, test it and provide suggestions for its improvement.

2. The epidemic of coronavirus and quarantine left tens of millions of people in the world without work, but it was only flowers, say experts of the Ukrainian labour market. Despite the data of the Ministry of Economy, which recorded that the number of unemployed has decreased in the last three weeks, not everything is so smooth.

A total of 4.7 billion hryvnias was allocated from the state budget for the payment of partial or temporary unemployment benefits for the period of quarantine. This is, in fact, assistance to companies that, based on the conditions of the coronary crisis and restrictions, have removed part of the staff on a part-time basis. 

The number of submitted applications is assessed by experts as low. And it’s not just the lack of mass advertising. At least half of the domestic business is “in the shadows” – there are no employees and do not pay taxes. It is easier for such companies to lay off employees during downtime than to apply to the state, expose themselves to inspections and go to work “in white”.

3. To accelerate the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine, launched an online platform “Merezha”. This is the development of the Ukrainian creative digital agency “ISD Group”, which won the tender from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the project. Merezha is designed to help Ukrainian mid-level businesses reach a new level by engaging business experts and consultants. The money for the project is allocated by the European Union.

“In fact, we have created a so-called” tender “for business. If the expert is interested – you choose him, if not – swipe further. It is important that the person advising you speaks a language you understand. In Merezha, an entrepreneur can view 8-10 experts in three minutes. And to understand from whom it is interesting to receive information, and from whom – no. You don’t have to spend a day or two at a conference – you choose the experts you have a match with, ”explained the founder and creative director of ISD Group, Viktor Shkurba.       

4. The London Design Festival (LDF) has unveiled the first details of its 2020 line, which includes iconic projects and new design quarters, as well as a virtual showcase. This is the 18th issue of the festival, which aims to celebrate the design culture of the capital through a series of public installations and events. There were fears that LDF, like many other design measures, would be abolished due to the pandemic. But the co-founders of the festival insisted that the event would take place, albeit in a changed quality.

A “freelancers’ portal” has been created, where freelancers can share their work and portfolios with the festival audience. This work will then be presented in an online gallery and distributed on social networks.   

5. Zoom has announced a new product for work at home – a 27-inch touch monitor for interactive video conferencing DTEN ME, which will go on sale in August.

It is noted that the monitor will have three built-in HD cameras, eight microphones and a touch screen.

The company explained that the gadget can be used as a second monitor, in addition, it can work as an interactive whiteboard with the ability to leave notes to documents.


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