News digest

  • The 2% tax may remain after the war
  • The Unified Register of Tax Invoices will be operational soon
  • Changes in pension legislation
  • The latest product from Häfele
  • Interesting decors from the Schattdecor company

Read everything that happened last week in Ukraine and around the world and that is relevant and interesting for the furniture maker in our digest:

1. The tax of two percent of the turnover introduced during the war may remain after the end of the war, suggested the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy Danilo Getmatsev.

“The reseller may suffer from this tax, but the producers liked it – it’s important. It is easy to account for, very clear, and the manufacturer will benefit from it. The manufacturer is important to us, and therefore we will analyze, we will not make sharp movements – the system works “, – the people’s deputy told.

2. The work of the Unified Register of Tax Invoices, suspended with the beginning of active hostilities, is planned to be resumed in the near future. Possibilities of a safe start of the system are now considered.  Consideration of the bill and alternatives has been temporarily postponed due to technical reasons, but the bills are expected to be submitted to the session hall at one of the next plenary sessions.

3. The Law “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Improving Pension Legislation” has recently entered into force, which, as explained by the Cabinet of Ministers, restores justice in pension matters.

The new law allows for early retirement, one and a half years before reaching retirement age, for those people who have full insurance experience and employment contract with whom it is terminated due to staff reductions or liquidation of the enterprise.

4. Matrix S Slim drawer from Häfele is the latest product in the Matrix family.
Impressions are made by straight sides (13 mm), thanks to which the drawer acquires a minimalist and modern look, so desirable in modern kitchens, bathrooms and cabinets. There are two colours options to choose from: white and matte black and three side heights. It is also worth noting that the dimensions and openings of the Matrix S and Matrix S Slim drawers are identical, which greatly facilitates their installation.

5. Kalamos and Atlas Cedr – one of the latest decors from the company “Schattdecor”, a world leader in the field of decorative printing for floor coverings.
Today, furniture manufacturers are actively using the rear walls and furniture facades of doors in imitation of irregular hand weaving, which has a very natural look due to the heterogeneous structure. Classic rattan is a popular topic that can be interestingly beaten and interpreted in completely different ways. For example, take as a basis a woven fabric or, conversely, natural weaving. Kalamos decor is just as diverse and can be used in different rooms. It can be a great option to diversify the facade and refresh the overall look of the product, making it modern and fashionable.
Cedar Atlas is a cedar stripe decor with small knots and dynamic lines of growth that give furniture and doors elegance. The calm, clear pattern of graininess and smooth colours transitions create a harmonious character, emphasized by combinations with neutral monochromatic colours.

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