UAFM work plan for April 2022

Hello, furniture front!

Thank you to each of you for your work and cooperation. We do not stop, we continue to hold a strong rear for our army and country. We invite you to get acquainted with the UAFM activity plan for this month.

UAFM work plan for April 2022

1. Providing assistance to UAFM’s members:

  • searching for sales channels: export orders together with the FUBE team; tender orders together with experts
  • assistance with the execution of orders that cannot be realized at the moment
  • assistance with the relocation of production; finding ways to resume production / to compensate for losses

2. Satisfaction with current needs and requests of representatives of the furniture industry.
3. Lobbying the interests of UAFM members and legal support.
4. Promotion of the Furniture of Ukraine brand and furniture makers on social networks (writing publications about companies working on social networks; writing a marketing plan; articles on the website “UAFM in the faces” in wartime, creating a merch).
5. Humanitarian support through the UAFM fund (all funds received for humanitarian aid are distributed through the Coordination Headquarters at the Office of the President of Ukraine).
6. Working with donors and writing grant applications. We continue to work on a grant for humanitarian aid (the grant attracted 4.5 million UAH) and submit 2 more applications: for relocation of production (we plan to attract 1.8 million UAH) and a platform for orders with a focus on exports (450 thousand UAH).
7. Resumption of membership fees from May 2022 and charitable contributions from companies that are now able to pay them.
8. UAFM military digest – reporting to the participants on the work of UAFM
9. Communication with regional military organizations for the arrangement of resettlement centres.
10. Attracting new participants to the UAFM and holding the Congress.
11. Conducting webinars on current topics.
12. Attracting partner assistance for their promotion among industry participants.
13. Creation of the project “FURNISHING Ukraine!”.
14. BRAVE FURNITURE Ukrainian furniture auction.

We work for you and for victory! Glory to unity! Glory to Ukraine!

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