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The Bureau of Economic Security will reduce the tax burden

The identification of undocumented workers has begun

There will be no more severe quarantine

It’s time for transformer furniture

Business trends prompted by the pandemic

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading the draft law №3087-don the Bureau of Economic Security.

” The purpose of the bill is the separation of service and law-enforcement functions of tax authorities, the elimination of the tax policy, optimization of the structure and strength of struggling and with crimes in finance, avoid duplication of their functions” – said in an explanatory note.

The proposed model for combating economic crime will become more effective and reduce the tax burden on taxpayers, the explanatory note said.   

2. In Ukraine, on September 1, regulatory authorities began inspections to identify undocumented workers. In case of violation of labour legislation, employers face fines or criminal liability.

For each undocumented employee present at the workplace, the employer will pay a fine of 47,230 hryvnias. In addition, according to Article 41 of the Code of Administrative Offenses for admission of an employee to work without an employment contract, admission to work of a foreigner or a stateless person faces a fine of 8500 to 17 000 hryvnias.

 3. Prime -minister Denis Shmyhal in during online meetings with representatives of the European Business Association said that Ukraine will not re-impose strict quarantine. According to him, the Ukrainian government relies on adaptive quarantine and localization of disease outbreaks.
As for the ban on entry to Ukraine for foreigners, the Prime Minister stressed that foreign specialists will be admitted to the country, as the list contains many exceptions. In this way, certain categories of foreign nationals will be able to cross borders. These include IT specialists, start-up technicians, etc.

4. In the Nova Borova district of Minsk, a development company has started selling apartments- transformers with multifunctional furniture. It should be noted that the apartments are becoming transformer mainly due to transformer furniture. Furniture- transformers, as you know, transform, change their size, shape, and often functionality. 

The furniture is selected so as to divide the compact housing into functional zones according to the “2 in 1” scheme. The function of zoning space just furniture and perform, and partitions zoned the only bathroom.

5. Leaders of furniture companies from around the world believe that the course of automation and remote operation, provoked by the pandemic, is long-term. Respondents consider trends not only accelerate automation (76%), but also the transition to a remote mode of operation (78%) and reducing the number of office workers (61%).

A significant part of the survey DATA seen its business -model in the future more digital, and for 41% of managers digitalization I of business to ESAs will be a major priority in the long term. One and of the priority tasks for 58% of managers remain stable chain of supply, for which no bypass new technology ( hence, and investments ) that provide uninterrupted communications and allow to track products from production to delivery.

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