Strategic session of the Industry4Ukraine platform

On September 3, 2020, a strategic session of the Industry4Ukraine platform took place, in which Oksana Donska (Member of the UAFM Audit Commission, co-owner of the MebelOk online store) took part on behalf of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers .
The purpose of the meeting was to systematize the developments and jointly develop the positions of experts of the I4U platform in the fields of industrial policy and related (innovation, digital, cluster, etc.). The issues of better organization of the platform’s work, including coordination of work with the government, were also considered.
The moderator of the meeting was Oleksandr Yurchak (General Director of the Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine).

During the meeting in the report of the Director of Ukrpromzovnishekspertiza Volodymyr Stepanovych on “The latest industrial development of Ukraine: tools for creating a modern manufacturing industry” it was noted that the key risk of Ukraine is the poverty of its citizens, as evidenced by per capita income in US dollars. :

  • Ukraine – 3298,
  • Slovakia – 18330,
  • Poland – 14150,
  • Turkey – 10380,
  • Romania – 11290.


And the cause of poverty is the decline of the processing industry. Thus, the share of the primary sector (mining and agriculture) in exports in 2019 in Ukraine was 34%, while in Poland 2%, Turkey 5%, Slovakia 3%.

Mr. Vlasyuk emphasized:

To eliminate the causes of economic backwardness and increase the size of the economy as soon as possible, it is necessary to focus on creating a modern diversified processing industry in Ukraine.

As an example of the formation of value added in the processing industry was given an example of the processing of 1 cubic meter of wood, the percentage of value added in the price:

  • fan raw materials – 38%;
  • peeled veneer – 51%;
  • plywood – 73%.

додана вартість на куб деревини


Oksana Kushnirenko, an employee of the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in turn made a report on SMART specializations and cluster policies, demonstrating the dynamics of this process in Ukraine and Europe. Oleksandr Yurchak stressed that the draft National Cluster Program, the writing of which will be completed in the coming days by a working group of the relevant Industry4Ukraine committee, is a crucial document for the preparation of a national industrial development program.

It will be recalled that the Ukrainian Furniture Association has signed the Industry4Ukraine Manifesto of dozens of unions and organizations, which sets out the main basic provisions of Ukraine’s new industrial policy

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