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  • Support for quarantined businesses is being prepared
  • Four formats of government support for small businesses
  • Ukraine and Poland have agreed on additional permits for trucking
  • Sofa – as an object of abstract thinking
  • Scandinavian style is out of fashion

1. President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that in the coming days he expects from the Cabinet of Ministers a comprehensive program to support quarantined businesses. The head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak added that Zelensky, in addition to the government, also called on the Verkhovna Rada to join the Cabinet of Ministers in order to solve the problems of individual entrepreneurs as soon as possible, including the use of cash registers. The President is categorically dissatisfied with the fact that the Ukrainian parliament is still unable to find a compromise solution on cash registers together with members of the government and representatives of business organizations.

2. The government proposes at least four formats of business support in the context of a pandemic and for the duration of the “weekend quarantine”:

1) support for families of self-employed persons of the first and second groups who have children under 10 years of age;

2) a partial unemployment program, when the government assumes the payment of part of the employee’s salary so that he is not fired;

3) the program of credit vacations under the program of 5-7-9%;

4) recognition by force majeure of “weekend quarantine”.

3. In particular, Poland will issue 1.5 thousand universal freight permits and 3.5 thousand transit permits for Ukrainian truckers valid until the end of January 2021. Ukrainian carriers will receive the first permits in early December.

According to the relevant Minister Crickley, Ukraine also managed to prevent a decrease in the number of permits. There will be a preliminary exchange of permits for 2021 in the amount of 160 thousand permits.        

4. An original and truly new design always requires not only professionalism or practical skills, but also a well-developed abstract thinking that allows you to find unexpected solutions, think broadly, look at things from an unusual angle and draw inspiration from all the beauty that surrounds a person.

Akus Huber, a Hungarian architect and designer living and working in London, recently designed and introduced a new interior item, the Wing sofa. The designer was inspired to create this model by the image of Nike of Samothrace, the Greek goddess with wings, symbolizing victory. In the very concept of the sofa there is already a sculptural sculpture, which, without a doubt, makes it a work of interior art, which, in addition to its direct practical function, is endowed with an aesthetic function. At the base of the sofa is a strong wooden base, in the middle of which are stretched elastic and soft thick threads, resembling the strings of an unseen harp. They form a place to sit.

5. Designer Olena Karasayeva thinks so based on her practice of implementing interior projects. Therefore, it affects the subject design in a light Scandinavian tone.

Like, this year such projects have become definitely less frequent, and for the first time designers have begun to speak quite unanimously against Scandinavian white interiors.

“Scandinavian style, so fashionable in recent years, is losing its position. Outdated Scandinavian interiors in a cold light range. Less ascetic styles replace them. The trend in favor of mixing colors, warmer natural, but not beige colors. It would be appropriate to replace the Scandinavian style with an eco style in a neutral color scheme. “

Such thoughts, impressions, such an outline of trends, and whether to agree with them and whether to follow them, decide for yourself, dear colleagues, in consultation with designers and experts whom you know and trust.

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