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Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. The Verkhovna Rada registered the bill on the creation of the fifth group of FLP with a tax rate of 0%.
According to him, startups-FOPs can work for the first 9 months without paying taxes and without submitting tax reports. This opportunity can be used by every new business whose nine-month income does not exceed 300,000 hryvnias. Startups-FOPs must use settlement operations registrars (RROs), that is, cash registers, including software.
If any of the conditions is violated or a nine-month period pops up, you need to choose another group of FOPs or the startup will be transferred to another group automatically. Individuals can register in the fifth group only once.
The goal of the initiative is to create conditions in which the state will not interfere with startups developing. So they want to get startups out of the shadows.

2. President Vladimir Zelensky signed the law, which provides for the work of the State Customs and the State Tax Service as single legal entities.
The bill will create an information base on the customs value of goods on the basis of anonymized information on export-import operations. The document also provides for the transfer of customs officers to contracts, the ability to automate customs clearance and strengthen the ability to combat postal smuggling.

3. The Spanish energy company Galp, which deducted money from employees for their smoking breaks, won the case in the High Court of Spain. Because it began to take away time spent outdoors from the working hours of employees. The court relied on a ruling that workers were not entitled to a paid “cigarette,” “coffee,” or a break for breakfast.
Recent changes in Spanish law require companies to register the entries and exits of employees from the workplace. By registering when employees enter and leave the office, companies can calculate how much time employees spend at the workplace.
Spanish workers spend more than a few hours per year on small breaks than other Europeans, with the exception of Italians and Portuguese.

4. At the recent exhibition “Interior Mebe”, the company “Kassone” presented a complete Ukrainian symbolism series of furniture “Rod”, which was created in collaboration with the famous artist Kristina Gaydamakoy. So the talent and personal research of Ukrainian fine art by the artist were creatively involved in creating a collection of furniture.
The Vyshivanka collection is elegant, elegant, practical, appropriate in any interior. At the exhibition, the manufacturer showed that Vyshivanka may not be so traditional, but somewhat mysterious and full of meaning.

5. Such forecasts are made by the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Industry there: “The furniture production market has grown rapidly in recent years, but in the present it can sag. One of the key, but not the only problem of the industry is the lack of qualified personnel. Among the risks are also the development of the shadow sector and competition from Chinese manufacturers. We get feedback from the market and see: interest in Chinese products is growing. It is several times cheaper, even taking into account delivery. Private products of the middle class are more interested in domestic products. And customers who use the services of interior designers. They are also interested in non-standard projects in the HoReCa sector and in the offices of large companies. ”
There is hope in Russian furniture makers for a new form of state support: according to the “third excess” formula. That is, if at least two domestic manufacturers enter the auction, the company with imported goods is automatically withdrawn from the auction.

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