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  • The tax police still working
  • Furniture would not be superfluous…
  • Last chance to amnesty capital
  • The future of furniture retail in integration
  • Offer potential buyers games based on your products

 Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. Parliamentarians have adopted a bill in general, which provides for changes in legislation, according to which the tax police will be able to perform their functions until the establishment of the Bureau of Economic Security (BEB).

We will remind that parliamentarians on January 28 decided, in general, the bill on the creation of Bureau of economic safety which liquidates tax militia, and in SBU take away an opportunity to be engaged in economic crimes.

According to the bill, the Bureau of Economic Security will begin its activities when its composition is staffed by 30%.

2. Agro-industrial holding MHP, the leader of the Ukrainian and European chicken market, has published the Code of Business Partner. The document defines the basic principles on which the company forms relationships with partner companies.

The goal was set by the holding’s founder Yuriy Kosyuk: development of transparent and honest business conduct, support for Ukraine, innovation and cooperation. Overall success must be based on standards of openness and honesty, keeping promises and acknowledging mistakes.

3. Capital amnesty due to the submission of a “zero declaration” should take place this year as well.

Such a “zero declaration” is an opportunity for businesses and citizens to voluntarily go ” white”, have a clean financial history and legalize the origin of their funds, explained the chairman of the Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy, MP Danylo Hetmantsev.      

“It is very important to carry out an amnesty this year because anti-BEBS and automatic exchange of tax information come into force in 2022. That is, 2021 is in fact the last opportunity to go ” white” without hindrance, Hetmantsev stressed.     

4. The pandemic has accelerated the development of digital resources by furniture retailers and stimulated the growth of online sales. It is expected that by 2024, most purchases will still be offline (78% compared to 22% for online purchases), but it is important through which consumers will make purchases and what types of sellers they will choose.

To understand how retail will develop over the next five years, Google and Euromonitor conducted a large retail survey that used sales data in physical stores, online stores, and marketplaces in various industries. developed markets of the world. The study found it important to integrate online and offline channels: it found that retailers online would have more sales over the next five years, even if their customers chose physical stores.

5. 2021 will be a defining year for the entire 21st century, according to the global consulting company “Accentur” and give seven tips that can help businesses be successful. So, the following advice.

Companies need to rethink their approaches to innovation. In particular, to offer new tools for their clients, to give them the opportunity to be creative in how they live. For example, to offer platforms that will allow consumers to create independently, to monetize their creativity. For example, artists, athletes and even doctors make the most of TikTok, where some are quick to succeed. To create a platform where customers can play and create based on your products. The data you collect as a result of this interaction will be valuable for understanding the interests and requests of users.

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