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  • More opportunities to use a corporate payment card

  • Offers of remote work in the labor market

  • Definition of “labor relations”

  • Antibacterial coating for furniture

  • Entertainment platforms can be useful for your product

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant to the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. The National Bank intends to modernize and improve the requirements of the legislation on the issuance of payment cards and their use by businesses. A corporate payment card is a card issued by a bank for a natural person-entrepreneur or a legal entity to carry out operations related to their business activities. The National Bank plans to clearly define that businesses have the right to determine the list of persons who will be able to use corporate payment cards for payments. In addition, the regulator plans to simplify the receipt of the payment card by the authorized person/representative of the individual account holder.

2. The personnel portal analyzed the readiness of employers and job seekers for a remote form of cooperation.

In Ukraine, 27% of citizens are looking for work options in a remote format. At the same time, only 9% of employers offer remote work. So, conditionally, there are five candidates per employer. In the labor market, most offers for remote work for IT specialists – 51%, sales professionals – 31%, administrative staff – 20%, for those who are starting a career – 19%, for marketers – 16%. 

The most active looking for remote work IT-shniki – 19%, students – 13%, marketers, advertisers, PR – 10%; sellers – 8%, administrative staff – 7%.

3. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft law “On Amendments to the Labor Code to define the concept of labor relations and signs of their existence.” The Ministry of Economy assures that the adoption of the law will help reduce the amount of undeclared work in Ukraine, legalize wages and strengthen the protection of workers.  

The document introduces the principle of presumption of employment. There are seven criteria for this:

  • performance of work on a specific qualification, profession or position, on behalf of and under the control of the person in whose interests the work is performed;
  • the work must be permanent and not provide a specific result for a certain period;
  • work must be performed at the workplace in compliance with the established rules of internal labor regulations;
  • organization of working conditions – the availability of equipment, tools, materials, etc. – must be provided by the employer;
  • the employee must be systematically paid remuneration;
  • the employer must establish the duration of working hours and rest;
  • the employer reimburses the employee’s financial expenses, including business trips.

The bill states that work may be recognized as performed within the framework of an employment relationship if there are at least three of these features.

4. The global pandemic has forced manufacturers around the world to turn their attention to the development of products that can in one way or another complicate the spread of bacteria. For example, the Italian manufacturer of paints and varnishes – the company “IVM Chemicals Croma Lacke” presented a line of coatings containing silver. Cromasept Silver Power Plus acrylic finishes are able to create antibacterial surfaces on any type of furniture. 

No additional antimicrobials are required to achieve a protective effect. The manufacturer also claims that the antibacterial properties of the coating do not decrease over time. Cromasept Silver Power Plus does not paint the surface, creating a matte or glossy effect. It can be applied as a finishing layer of coating on previously painted surfaces.

5. 2021 will be a defining year for the entire 21st century, according to the global consulting company “Accentur” and give seven tips that can help businesses be successful. So, the following advice.

People have become more interacting with the world through device screens. Screen time increases. As a result, users notice the pattern of design, functionality and interaction algorithms. Businesses need to review design, content, and approaches to engaging with audiences to give customers more enjoyable emotions and unexpected ideas. Take a risk by being creative in design and communication, so as not to drown in the sea of ​​equality. Explore new entertainment platforms to understand what you can take with them to increase interest in your products and products.









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