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  • How to draw up an electronic workbook
  • Judicial practice regarding the registration of tax invoices
  • A bill that will complicate the situation on the labor market
  • It was a tree – it became glass
  • Review the stages of delivery of goods sold

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant to the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. The traditional paper workbook, which records the experience of Ukrainians, is a thing of the past. It is being replaced by an electronic employment record book, which will definitely not be lost or damaged. In addition, such accounting of seniority will allow in the future to accrue a pension automatically, ie without the need to apply to a future retiree.

The Pension Fund of Ukraine tells about how to draw up an electronic employment record book on its official Facebook page.

“Electronic employment record book” – a convenient and affordable service from the Pension Fund of Ukraine. The service allows you to submit through the web-portal of electronic services of the Fund (portal.pfu.gov.ua) signed by a qualified electronic signature scanned copies of paper workbooks, other documents confirming the employment of the employee. Scanned copies of paper workbooks can be submitted by the employer or the employee himself.     

2. The Supreme Court posted on the Judicial Power of Ukraine portal a review of case law concerning the registration of tax invoices or calculation of adjustments.

Taxpayers can review three blocks of court decisions that relate to:

  • risk of the payer, in particular the assessment of the legality of the decision on compliance or non-compliance of the VAT payer with the risk criteria;
  • blocking of registration, in particular requirements regarding the content, form, validity and motivation of the decision to suspend the registration of the tax invoice and/or calculation of adjustments;
  • penalties, in particular the application of penalties in case of violation of the deadline for registration of the tax invoice and/or calculation of adjustments.           

3. The initiative of the Ministry of Economy to legalize shadow employment will complicate the situation in the labor market. This was stated by the chairman of the Association of Small and Medium Business Ruslan Sobol.

“This bill, if passed, will add to the long list of initiatives that do not work. And apart from the turmoil in the labor market and the complications of the relationship between employer and employees in the current economic circumstances, it will not lead to anything else. Therefore, if the task is to complicate the situation on the labor market – which is not easy – the bill is able to cope with this task, “Sobol said.  

According to him, another consequence in case of adoption and entry into force of the provisions of this bill will be the departure of business under the jurisdiction of other countries.

4. American scientists from the Universities of Maryland and Colorado invented the technology of producing safe and economical glass from wood.  

The wood species for the realization of such a metamorphosis was balsa wood, subjected to oxidation at room temperature. This is why it becomes transparent. Subsequently, the wood is filled with polyvinyl alcohol (synthetic polymer) – and now we have a new material with transparency at the level of standard glass.

The production of such glass is much cheaper, plus – such glass material can be a great alternative to glazing windows, thanks to its thermal efficiency. In addition to construction, it can be used in the automotive industry, in the manufacture of gadgets, as well as in other industries.       

5. 2021 will be a defining year for the entire 21st century, according to the global consulting company “Accentur” and give seven tips that can help businesses be successful. So, the last of the seven tips.

Ways of purchasing goods and providing services have changed. Businesses, among other things, need to rethink the service of delivery of goods to buyers and customers in the direction of greater efficiency. 

Before the pandemic, people usually made the most purchases in the same places, mostly supermarkets. Ecosystems have now become fragmented, with additional costs, including marketing, packaging, delivery and returns. Therefore, businesses must view their supply chain as a field for innovation and growth. Consider how you can improve the supply chain, which products are best bought online and which are offline. Review delivery steps that can bring you and your customers more benefits.

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