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  • There will be no one law
  • They counted our money
  • Is Ukraine capable of what China is capable of?
  • Furniture factory of the future is being improved
  • Epoxy worktops

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant for the furniture designer, read in our digest:

1.The Government has withdrawn Bill No. 2708 on Labor, which was developed by the former Cabinet of Ministers to replace the outdated Labor Code.
Currently, according to the Ministry of Economy, out of 28.5 million Ukrainians of working age, only 12.8 million are legally employed. And he admits that the labor law alone will not bring the employment relationship out of the shadows. In general, this is the task of tax reform.

2. The State Statistics Service estimated that in the fourth quarter of 2019, Ukrainians earned, on average, 75 hryvnias and 36 cents per hour. Traditionally, the highest salary in Kyiv is 110 UAH 36 cents. In other regions of Ukraine, the figures are below UAH 85 per hour, the report notes. Between the first and fourth quarters of 2019, the average hourly wage in Ukraine has increased by almost eight hryvnias – to 75.36. The most noticeable growth affected Kyiv and Kyiv region – by more than UAH 10 per hour.

3. The question of whether the coronavirus will end in China’s almost 30-year-old era as a global manufacturing hub is increasingly being discussed by leading global experts. Ukraine could become a manufacturing hub for the EU, like Mexico for the US. And not only for the EU, but also for other countries with which we have free trade agreements. Only for this purpose it is necessary to have a vision and strategy of economic development, one of the pillars of which should be a vision of what Ukraine can offer to the world.

4. This year, the Italian company SCM will once again become one of the main characters in the exhibition “Xylexpo”, which will be held for the 27th time in Milan from 26 to 29 May. SCM will be on the show in a new design and with a new concept, which will further contribute to the continuous strengthening of the brand position in the industry. Booth F13 in pavilion # 2 will be decorated in a completely new style – monumental, solid, industrial, which will further emphasize the reliability of the company in the close to the production environment of the enterprises, the partner of which is “SCM”. The intelligent and humanistic-oriented furniture manufacturing factory successfully presented at Ligna in 2019 will be complemented this time by new developments aimed at increasing productivity and process flexibility, reducing waste and non-productive costs, as well as optimizing the quality of finished products , especially when handling very delicate materials.

5.The choice for epoxy countertops is increasingly made by brave craftsmen who make original countertops or look for creative ways to update the kitchen without spending a lot of money.
There are several good reasons to consider using epoxy treatment for kitchen countertops.
When the epoxy cures and creates a solid surface that can be stored for years. It has such properties as strong adhesion, high corrosion and chemical resistance. When used as a binder, it is combined with other fillers to achieve the desired appearance.
Unlimited potential for design is probably one of the main advantages of this material. Epoxy resin is the most versatile material for countertops when it comes to design options. In fact, you can create any color or pattern.
An epoxy resin table top is the only type of table top that can offer a truly seamless surface for continuous color and pattern.

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