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  • From November 1 – only IBAN
  • FOPam no trust
  • IODA does not contradict the IDO, but will be operational
  • Monitoring of consideration of tender complaints
  • The draft capital tax amnesty provides …

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. From the beginning of August, Ukrainian banks must open new accounts for their customers using the international IBAN bank account number.
As reported on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine, the current bank account numbers should be changed while maintaining the current analytical accounting number. It is noted that from November 1, the application of IBAN will become mandatory for customers of all banks of Ukraine when making money transfers. At the same time, all payment cards remain a payment instrument, allowing you to initiate the transfer of funds from a bank account.
The structure of the new number will consist of 29 letters and numbers, including the code of Ukraine, control category, bank code and account.
The introduction of the international IBAN bank account number will harmonize the Ukrainian payment space with the European one, and will also contribute to the further planned modernization of the electronic bank electronic payment system. In addition, the National Bank plans, as we have already reported, the introduction of payments using QR codes that contain information about the IBAN number, which will facilitate the payment of bills and the exchange of payment information.

2. The elected MP Danil Getmantsev announced in the near future a decision regarding the abuse of individuals-entrepreneurs (FLP) in the context of tax evasion. According to him, the government maintains a tax regime in relation to FLP, since it has undertaken not to raise rates and not to reduce transaction limits for them on a single tax. “But the problem with this regime is that it is not only FOPs who use it — that is, those entrepreneurs who work hard, create jobs for themselves and several other people — but also medium and large businesses,” he said.

3. The National Bank has introduced a new tool for the rapid assessment and monitoring of economic development trends – the monthly business activity expectation index (Iodai). The index is calculated based on surveys of Ukrainian enterprises in the real sector of the economy, the NBU press service reports.
Unlike the already traditional quarterly Business Expectations Index (IDI), which captures indicators of the expected development of enterprises in the next 12 months, Iodai focuses only on the assessment by the business of the current state of the economy. Therefore, both surveys for calculating the indices will be conducted in parallel and not contradict each other, ”the report said.
Private companies in industry, construction, trade, and services participate in monthly polls for Yodai. Despite a significant share in agricultural GDP, enterprises in this sector will not be involved in the survey.

4. A service was launched in Ukraine to search, structure and monitor the practice of the administrative board of the Antimonopoly Committee for the consideration of tender complaints. The service was created in collaboration with the Clarity Project, the ProZorro database and public procurement analytics system and the Right Cause law firm.
The service allows you to track the practice of the Antimonopoly Committee regarding public procurement appeals. The following are available in the service database: full-text search of decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine on public procurement appeals; list of search filters; the ability to subscribe to monitoring by keywords; statistics of satisfied / dissatisfied complaints by search parameters; calendar of meetings of the AMCU tender board and the like.
The developers note that the service can be useful to procurement customers, business representatives who participate in procurement, especially those who want to protect their rights at the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, public activists and journalists, lawyers and lawyers.

5. The draft capital tax amnesty under discussion provides for a base rate of 9% and a preferential rate of 5% for voluntary disclosure by a taxpayer. This was stated by the head of the State Tax Service Sergey Verlanov.
“How much revenue for the budget will be provided by a tax amnesty, it will be possible to speak only after the design of such a tax amnesty is understood. Without a doubt, this will depend on what the tax rate will be, it can be a declarant, from which tax will be paid, etc. “, – added the head of the STS.

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