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  • So that the shadow economy ceases to be a shadow economy
  • Business activity expected
  • Trickster in business
  • “Nesting” is available to everyone
  • Cladding films are made by “drawing on water”

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. Electronic registrars of settlement transactions entered into a smartphone or tablet will be free in Ukraine, the head of the State Tax Service said. The state, represented by the regulatory body, the State Tax Service, has already developed a program that everyone can use. He noted that from January 1, 2020, the traffic police is ready to provide this solution in test mode for all entrepreneurs. In order for the shadow economy to cease to be shadow, it must be calculated. And it is precisely these PPO laws and cashback that will allow this to be done.
In addition, Sergey Verlanov supported the president’s initiative to introduce a two-year moratorium on FLP checks.

2. Ukrainian companies have improved expectations for economic growth in Ukraine and forecast significantly lower inflation than expected in the second quarter of 2019. This is evidenced by a survey of company managers conducted by the National Bank in the third quarter of this year.
The revival of business activity is expected by respondents of all types of economic activity. According to entrepreneurs, the growth in economic activity is maintained due to improved expectations regarding investment costs for construction work, as well as high estimates of total sales of own production and the financial and economic condition of enterprises.

3. trickster – people of chaos. Rebel innovators and rule-breakers. They cannot be ignored – you will either admire them or hate them. In what situations is a trickster vital to business.
Discontent of the leader leads to the fact that one way or another the ground is being prepared for change. Would you like a new product or you need to reduce costs. I would like to increase profits and restructure the company and systematize the processes. Always a trickster for a company, a new employee is a leader, starting from the middle level. Its function is to push the leader to the first step. Bring a system of changes into motion. The trickster with its quick thinking, creativity and easy attitude to the rules is simply invaluable in times of crisis and force majeure.
There are times when manifestations of a trickster can be harmful. This denouement is the period when the company has just passed the stage of change. The team mainly needs to get comfortable with what happened, get used to the new rules. Tricksters master very quickly, while most people need more time to adapt.

4. Many furniture manufacturers have already seen from their own experience the effectiveness and advantages of working with the Nesting technology. However, it is believed that not all companies can afford the purchase of CNC machining centers. The KDT Machinery factory hurries to destroy the prevailing stereotype! Plant specialists have developed a second series of processing centers for nesting, available for companies of any scale. This line is rapidly gaining popularity. Being 30% cheaper, the models of the new line have retained the main advantages of their “older brothers”: the powerful, heavy construction of the bed and the U-shaped portal ensure stable operation of the equipment and allow to achieve maximum processing accuracy.

5. For almost 20 years of development and research of film products, Schattdecor has managed to make decisive changes: new products have been introduced to the market, a customer need has been created and an answer has been given.
A special kind of decors from the Art Collection line is based on special marbled technology and at the same time is similar to the Ebru technique. Ebru – the so-called “drawing on water”, in which various mixtures of paints are applied to the adhesive water, then forming various ornaments, colors and other motifs. The result of this technique is a bright, unique, actually random pattern. Collection Art Collection by Schattdecor uses similar technology, but with some features. At the same time, liquid paint is specially sprayed on varnished paper in a special way, creating stains and patterns on the surface that cannot be obtained by printing. Each design is unique, but it can be repeated and replicated at least in color.

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