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  • The government should not replace business
  • Will sell emotions – sell and sofas
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Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. The government believes that the state should not engage in business support. In particular, the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Timofei Milovanov said: “In fact, we do not really need business support. I believe that everyone should do their own thing, and I will try not to interfere. ” At the same time, he added that the state should not compete with business. “The state should stop substituting business for itself, it must ensure that the rules are the same for everyone.”

2. Generation Y, or “millenials” born in 1984–2003, and even more so “zetas” (2004–2023), are growing in the world of smartphones and the public Internet, they are radically different from their predecessors. They have a different attitude to free time and shopping, take a completely different decision on buying offline and online, they have different social values ​​and life priorities. All this directly affects the formation of retail and e-commerce markets. What do retailers and online furniture retailers need to consider?
Time is one of the most valuable resources for the Millennium, and they don’t want to spend it on “boring” purchases. That is why retail and development around the world seeks to reorganize their retail spaces, making them more comfortable not only for shopping, but also for leisure activities. In addition to leisure and to value time, one can highlight another aspect that is extremely important for the Game – emotions. “Millennium” go to the mall not only (and not so much) for shopping, but for experience, emotions and impressions. The emotional context is very important for the sale of furniture: sell emotions – at the same time sell the sofa.

3. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, believes that to succeed in any field, you need to work hard. He himself works in the “996 mode”, which provides employment six days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm.
“When I take a shower, – I think, when I’m in the toilet, – I think, while running, I think. I never stop working, ”says the founder of the virtual trading platform AliExpress.
He explained that it is naive to believe that with age it will become easier, because there will be certain achievements and experience. “As a child, I thought that one day I would become a big boss, I would smoke a cigar and have fun – the business would go by itself. Now my company has grown. I’m more busy, I have more problems. A big company means no more money, but more responsibility. ”

4. At the Blechexpo international exhibition, which took place in early November in Stuttgart, Eurotech demonstrated its solutions for manipulating panels in tight spaces, which is also common in many furniture and furniture industries. The company develops vacuum systems and components for specific customers who solve the problems of automation of material handling. The eT-Hover family of vacuum lifting devices are used to lift flat loads such as glass panels, sheet metal, plastic or wood panels. Despite the simple design, they have all the necessary functions. Lifting devices of this series operate exclusively on compressed air, therefore, power supply is not required. Due to their compact design and the creation of a vacuum using an ejector, these lifting devices have a very low dead weight.

5. No one doubts anymore, do furniture companies need a website? Social networks – this is at least one way to increase its traffic. And also – it is an effective tool for receiving applications, communicating with the audience and increasing loyalty to your brand. Furniture makers who want to be successful must consider all ways to promote their products.
In Russia, a study was conducted on what social networks are best for the furniture business.
Instagram is the most promising social network for furniture makers. There is maximum attraction. The same content on Instagram and other social networks with an equal number of subscribers receives dozens of times more reviews. And this is not only curses, but also real applications. Therefore, the maximum attention you need to pay specifically to Instagram.
Facebook needs to have at least because it is from it that the profile in Instagram is controlled. But you should not expect a significant return from Facebook. This social network successfully resists commercial activities. It artificially underestimates the ranking of content impressions from brand pages.

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