Recent trends at the exhibition WOODWORKING in Lviv

Every year in May, the exhibition WOODWORKING for 4 days becomes the epicenter of meetings, exchange of experience and negotiations among representatives of the furniture industry. After all, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the latest in the industry and find modern solutions for your production. The exhibition exposition covers the full range of the latest equipment, professional tools, automation software, filter suction systems and components for furniture production. Thus, in one place, you can find everything without which no furniture production can do, and regardless of its size. Note that the exhibition features more than 140 companies from 8 countries.
For the first time in the framework of the exhibition, a workshop on wood carving is planned. By 6:00 you will be able to learn how to cut and shape the box with your own hands. Therefore, get invaluable experience and skills that will open up new opportunities for you. The workshop is conducted by a famous carver with more than 20 years of experience, the founder of his own style of carving and tools for semi-volume geometric carving, as well as the popular blogger-carver – Adolf Yuriev. Upon completion, a certificate of completion of the basic program of wood carving is issued.
Recent trends, even more sense, even more benefits and even more acquaintances at the Woodworking exhibition from May 19-22. Lviv. Therefore, register to receive a free invitation >>> www.galexpo.com.ua/derevo

May 19-22
ARENA LVIV (str. Stryiska 199)
International Exhibition Woodworking 2020

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