The first LEAN brunch from UAFM with a taste of improvements

On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, UAFM held its first Lean brunch with friends and like-minded people

UAFM systematically organizes lean manufacturing training for furniture makers during visits to companies that implement LEAN tools and are ready to share experiences. The positive feedback from the participants of the visits, the growing interest in improving the production and management processes and the understanding of the untapped potential of the industry inspired us to create Lean brunches.

Active members of UAFM are already familiar with a similar format of meetings at lunch with designers. The organizers also had the opportunity to test the effectiveness of random seating during the Design brunch and confirmed its effectiveness. Therefore, using this method this time did not lose. Participants who came for the first time were surprised when they failed to sit at tables next to their acquaintances, but after the event was grateful for new useful contacts.

The brunch program featured speakers who can be called “lean whales” because they are not the first year to implement LEAN and optimize production.

Kleiberit – Ukraine, a company that constantly supports UAFM’s furniture improvement events and became a partner of the first LEAN brunch, could not stay away from the debut LEAN brunch.

Tetyana Kravets, CEO of Kleiberit – Ukraine, spoke on the topic: Lean in the life of Kleiberit – Ukraine and its team. Ms Tatiana inspired everyone present to work “not a lot, but with her head”, which is why, in fact, the philosophy of lean production without losses teaches.

Then the audience was greeted by a speech by Bohdan Mazurkevych

is an expert on the implementation of LEAN management, who has 13 years of practical experience in implementing lean manufacturing; 25 years of experience in manufacturing companies (Coca-Cola, Nestle, Modern-Expo) in various management positions.

Mr Bogdan received basic training in Total Productive Management (a systematic approach to production to eliminate losses associated with production equipment and machinery) in Germany (Hamburg). And now he willingly shared this experience with the participants of the event.

The next speaker was Igor Mordas is a Director of Production at Modern Expo.

Modern-Expo Group is an international company, a supplier of №1 integrated retail solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Mr Igor spoke on the topic: HOW TO BUILD AN EFFECTIVE LEAN SYSTEM? MODERN EXPO EXPERIENCE. The speaker also spoke about a joint training project with UCU.

Workshop with Bohdan Mazurkevych.

After a short break, during which the guests had lunch and socialized, the training continued. Bohdan Mazurkevych came on stage and held a workshop, which took place in the format of a team game with further discussion and expert comments. Thus, the participants consolidated some of the theoretical knowledge in practice.

And the last, but no less interesting speaker of the event was Alexander Yushchenko, owner of Mirt and a member of the UAFM Board. Alexander shared with the audience the experience of implementing LEAN in his own company.

We are sincerely grateful to Tatiana Kravets, CEO of Kleiberit – Ukraine for partner support of the first LEAN brunch; event speakers for openness and promotion of furniture improvements; to all participants of the event for active participation and desire for improvement. Together we are able to unleash the potential of everyone in the UAFfM community.






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