Post-announcement of the Design brunch event with UAFM

On Friday, November 13, 2020, UAFM held a meeting, which, despite all the misunderstandings and lack of rules of the game, brought together furniture manufacturers and designers for a friendly brunch.

UAFM has previously organized several events where the designer and furniture maker had the opportunity to meet and talk, but that was not enough.

That is why a new format of meetings and a new platform for communication between the furniture maker and the designer – Design Brunch with UAFM was created.

The events that are planned to be held in the format of brunches are united by a common goal – to create quality furniture under a single brand Furniture of Ukraine with a modern Ukrainian design. Designer brunches will be held systematically, will promote collaborations and will cover important topics that will help achieve this goal – will add value to Ukrainian furniture and make them competitive and in demand in the world.

The cross-cutting theme of the first brunch design was “presentation”, the speakers shared with furniture makers their experience and knowledge of how to present themselves, their product and their brand.

In order to create a relaxed atmosphere of effective communication and increase the number of useful contacts, random seating was used. The organizers deliberately violated the boundaries of comfortable choice of interlocutors, but delicious food and new interesting acquaintances very quickly set everyone up for fruitful networking and made each guest a direct participant in the event.


It is no coincidence that Urban Space 500 was chosen as the site of the first Design brunch UAFM, because it is a bright example of creating a product through unification, which is what we want to achieve as a result of our meetings – to unite!

So, Vasyl, one of the co-founders of Urban Space 500, started the event, inspiring everyone to a good start.


Self-presentation of the furniture maker for mutual understanding with the designer

The first speaker was Olga Terefeeva, a teacher at the European School of Design, co-founder of Design4Ukraine, member of the jury of the Industart International Subject Design Competition, ambassador brand rider1991, devo home, author of Pragmatika magazines, Dom i Interier magazine, ProMaison.

Olga told what a self-presentation of a furniture maker should be for mutual understanding with the designer at the first stage of communication.

Important points that Olga drew attention to:

  • production opportunities;
  • experience in participating in projects and opportunities for prototyping;
  • speed of decision making;
  • formation of partnership-dealer relations.

After the presentation, Olga invited the participants to join the workshop, thanks to which everyone present had the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and advice, and the best presentation from Deсido received a gift.

Superbrand design 

The next speaker on the topic of “Super Brand Design” was Yaroslav Belinsky, an expert in visual communications and branding, a graphic designer; founder and chairman of the Design4Ukraine Association; owner and art director of the design bureau SuperGraphica; facilitator and trainer in creativity and design management.

Yaroslav provided meaningful answers to the following important questions:

  • Why do you need a brand?
  • Why is a brand not a logo?
  • What are the components of a brand’s visual identity?
  • How to create a brand that customers will remember?


The trend of the present, which creates the future, is one’s own identification! Who am I?

Vitaly Kirillov, co-founder of Hochu rayu. design bureau spoke about the importance of creating a unique presentation of the brand and announced the results of the competition for furniture makers: “Visualize your identity.” The winner was Oleksiy Pavlenko, owner of Smart Living UA, which manufactures furniture-transformers and has great ambitions for development.

Vitaliy invited everyone to the next UAFM Smart Export 4.0 event, which will take place in amazing Lviv, where an express presentation of the winning company of the first UAFM Design Brunch will be shown on the big screen.

UAFM invites everyone to be active and participate in our events, each of which is a meaningful part of a single process – our joint improvement and strengthening of the Ukrainian furniture environment.

Each participant has the opportunity to join this process, to become an effective part of it, and the most active always receive a reward, as you see in the example of a small company Smart Living UA with a great desire to develop.

UAFM sincerely thanks all the speakers and participants of the first Design Brunch. Together we have taken a successful step towards understanding. We are grateful for honest, sometimes even harsh and straightforward, comments and opinions. Finally, we have reached the required level of openness, which has made our dialogue what it should be for fruitful and friendly cooperation.

The beginning has been made, let’s move on!

The next Design brunch is scheduled for December 23, 2020, follow our announcements and register!


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