Post-announcement of the UAFM’s and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs meeting

February 2, 2021, Oleksiy Khorosh, Project Manager of the Council of Exporters and Investors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Volodymyr Patis, President of the UAFM Association, Mykola Viknyansky, Member of the Board of the UAFM Association, Oksana Donska, Member of the Board of the UAFM Association Ukraine Business Expo and Valentyna Hraban, Executive Director of UAFM Association, held a meeting with the Ukrainian Association of Mebleviks and the Radoy of Exporters and Investors under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss possible ways of cooperation to support the export of Ukrainian furniture and attract buyers to the exhibition FUBE 2021, which will take place from 7 to 9 April.

Volodymyr Patis reported on the growth of the Ukrainian furniture market and noted the key advantages and prospects of the industry: Ukraine has a good geographical location, raw materials, relatively inexpensive labor, and a very competitive product (both in the middle and expensive segment). Thus, diplomatic support for this industry can yield rapid results in export growth.

Oksana Donska, who is currently in close contact with the buyers who planned to visit FUBE-2021, expressed the interest of the Ukrainian furniture maker in the markets of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, the UAE, as well as European countries.

“We are interested in establishing contacts with customers, the opportunity to hold meetings, presentations with the support and on the territory of embassies,” she said.

UAFM is already establishing cooperation with the embassies of Ukraine in Israel, Great Britain, Norway, Jordan, and Kuwait


Oleksiy Khorosh said that the first step to cooperation would be to include the UAFM Association in the REI database. He also invited UAFM members to join the work of REI, for which it is enough to fill in the questionnaire on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: https://rei.mfa.gov.ua/anketa-eksportera.

Oleksiy invited UAFM representatives on February 11, 2021, to take part in an online briefing with the Ambassador to the Czech Republic https://rei.mfa.gov.ua/events/onlajn-brifing-z-poslom-ukrayini-v-cheskij-respublici

Alexei also announced the planned event on February 23 with the Embassy in the State of Israel on a free trade agreement.

UAFM together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs agreed to use all possible ways to increase the export of Ukrainian furniture, for which materials on exhibitions and invitations for potential buyers will be sent, communication with embassies, as well as B2B meetings with Ukrainian furniture makers within the first and only in Ukraine furniture B2B exhibition-conference of international format Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo.


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