Presentation of the concept of the Furniture Of Ukraine Business Expo project

UAFM Viknianskiy Nikolay, the head of the Suppliers Platform of the UAFM, presented the concept and participation packages to the UAFM global project – #FurnitureOfUkraineBusinessExpo at the July welcome party.

This is the first in Ukraine export-oriented B2B exhibition dedicated only to Ukrainian furniture and design, which we organize in partnership with the Євроіндекс.

We offer all Ukrainian furniture makers and designers who are interested in a new exhibition format and want to get a target client from the domestic or export markets to view the presentation at the link: http://bit.ly/FURNITUREOFUKRAINEBusinessExpo

We remind you that for members of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Makers there is a special discount of 5%, as well as for those who manage to purchase the selected participation package in July – the “early birds” discount is received.

The contact person:

Maria Klyagina, project manager

Phone.: +380637248474

E-mail: mklyagina@gmail.com

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