January is the month of sales at UAFM

Start the New Year with benefits! We invite you to study.

UAFM Furniture Academy or FURNITURE BUSINESS ACADEMY has started – our own Academy with you!

FBA is not just a training course, but a whole base of knowledge, materials and practical skills that we collect, adapt and create to provide you with everything you need to thrive in your business.


●      FBA works only for UAFM members.

●      Training is adapted to the needs of the furniture business.

During the year you will receive 4 entries with experts, each month a new topic.

We declare January the month of sales at UAFM!

This month we invited the best sales experts and furniture makers from different segments and created 4 training videos. We have changed the format of dry theory to interactive learning, where each of you can learn by watching the live learning of your colleague, the same furniture maker as you.

First issue: Sales strategy

Video release date: January 10, 2022

Expert: Oles Pishchak is an expert in reorganizing and building a sales system. Managing partner of AUDIT of SALES, a company that researches and develops sales models and strategies.

We will learn from the example of Leonid Spivakov, owner of RD FURNITURE.

Second issue: Sales tactics – how to reveal value to the customer

Video release date: January 17, 2022

Expert: Eugene Teplyakov – certified business coach, coach of European standard, master of NLP, psychologist.

Third Edition: Online Sales Tools

Video release date: January 24, 2022

Expert: Yulia Khlebik is a category manager of the Furniture division, ROZETKA marketplace. 10 years in commerce and marketing, 3 years helping to sell on Rozetka Marketplace to more than 1000 sellers.

We will learn from the example of Ilya Medvedev, director of ERGOLIFE LLC

Fourth issue: Preparation and methods of B2B negotiations

Video release date: January 31, 2022

Expert: Volodymyr Voitenko – negotiation and sales expert, business coach.

We will learn from the example of Anton Pervachenko, ViAnt furniture factory

We thank Leonid Spivakov for kindly providing the location of the RD Furniture showroom for filming.

We invite you to join us on the YouTube channel.



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