“UAFM in the faces”: interview with Roman Lushpak, co-owner of Drevych

From the standpoint of expert experience

Production and creative activity of the Lviv company “Drevych” cover various types of woodworking, including furniture.

Such versatility can be assessed in two ways: as a sign of “plus” and “minus” – they say, it is impossible to do many things equally well. Roman Lushpak, co-owner of Drevich, will answer as follows:

“Our woodworking versatility is limited to what we can do flawlessly – at the expert level. To do this, we had to narrow the scope of activities. We found that usually new customers from trusted woodworking companies (and this trust is based on a practical test of the quality of their products) would prefer to receive not a single product, such as stairs, but a full set of wood products for repair and decoration. Why? And here everything is simple! The customer saves his precious time looking for contractors, saves money by ordering products directly from the manufacturer, and not through two or three intermediaries, well, most importantly – gets a guarantee of quality. So our production is set up for such a request. “

Drevych is one of those companies that prefer to work with solid wood, for which the environmental friendliness of products is a priority, and therefore a competitive advantage. This applies to stairs and doors, and wall panels and floors, both furniture, and lighting, as well as original, unexpected and delicate, so to speak, things made of plywood, which will be described in more detail below.

The most authoritative tree species for Ukrainian carpenters is His Majesty the Oak. And “Drevich” is no exception – especially for the production of oak stairs just the perfect material – durable, with a beautiful textured pattern, easy to handle. But they respect “trees” and ash and walnut, poplar and acacia, which are used to a greater extent in furniture production.

The Drevychers (let’s call Roman Lushpak’s team so respectfully) and, above all, himself, as its leader, are honored that they are fundamentally in some positions, which may be economically unprofitable for companies, but morally elevate it. Undoubtedly, the manifestation of a clear civic position of the management is the fact that the company in principle does not use wood not only of dubious quality but also of dubious origin, although its price is much more favorable.

“We regularly visit prestigious exhibitions,” explains Roman, “so we are aware of world trends and trend priorities in furniture, interior decoration of both living spaces and public facilities and focus on them in our work.” And not only in cases where the tastes of customers are aesthetically questionable but in any case, we focus customers on current global and European trends and safety requirements. For example, we came across extravagant designs of stairs, which are not realistic to go to either older people or children. But fortunately, common sense and the instinct of self-preservation always prevail in clients. But we ourselves are more than happy to do what we haven’t done before.”

– In this regard, the following question. Wooden stairs are not just a priority for the company. Judging by how many varieties you can offer (which is about a dozen), you are real aces in this matter. Are there any ladder options that you haven’t made yet?

“Apparently there are some, but we don’t know them, they weren’t ordered from us. If they ordered, they would make it. There is really nothing impossible for us in this case. Furniture lighting in stairs, in particular for purely decorative purposes, has long been a common practice. Additionally, in the design of the stairs, we use suitable light-transmitting epoxy resin in combination with wood. This constructive highlight is exclusively our innovation, with which we are now experimenting with the bravest customers.”

They promised to tell separately about plywood products, the work with which by the nature of the products is a separate woodworking direction in the company “Drevych”. However, Roman himself will tell about it better:

“I believe that it is impossible to run your business without thinking about the future of our children. Therefore, my wife and I separately created and are developing a semi-social project for the production of environmentally friendly and wooden educational toys. This is a series of developing Montessori toys and correctional toys of an inclusive nature, which we do not sell in the mass market, but supply directly to inclusive resource centers and schools, kindergartens at cost. This is a project created not for profit, but solely for the future of our children.”

The Drevich company is a family. Roman’s wife works there as a marketer. The company is also a family business for its co-founder partner – a high-class professional woodworker, whose sons are also in responsible positions. Roman is convinced that such a family is largely the key to the success of “Drevich”:

“We are the workers who do not just go to work, we are not the ones for whom work ends at the checkpoint. We go to bed and think about the company as a child cared for in the family, giving it only the best. That is why our credo is “Drevych” – the creators of the future! “

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