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Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant for the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. The recently signed agreement on political cooperation, free trade, and strategic partnership between Ukraine and Britain provides for an unprecedented swift revision of trade conditions, which will also benefit furniture that has already shown a lively interest in the British market.

The British agreement provides for an unprecedentedly rapid revision – in two years it will be possible to agree on new, more favorable terms, based on real trade volumes. Given the fact that a number of product lines will need such a review of the British themselves, there is reason to hope that the updated terms of trade will be better for furniture.

2. To successfully attract foreign and domestic investment, in which the country’s furniture industry is also interested, three tools are needed: investment infrastructure, investment climate, and investment opportunities said Prime Minister D. Shmygal during a round table on stimulating and developing investment in Ukraine.

3. Shmygal called “Action City” one of the most important projects in the field of the functioning of industrial and innovation parks. “With this project, we want to create a virtual free economic zone, where we will attract foreign investors to create jobs on favorable terms. Favorable tax rates, no bureaucracy, a convenient digital platform for doing business, and getting all the necessary services online – these are the advantages of the project “Action City”.

We hope that there will be a place for furniture in the created virtual free economic zone.

3. Clarification of the right to leave after employment; the right to receive full annual basic leave until the end of six months of continuous work; calculation of the length of service, which gives the right to annual basic leave published by the Office of the Ombudsman.

From what moment is an employee entitled to leave after hiring? Are employees entitled to full annual basic leave until the end of six months of continuous work? The answers to these and other questions, which are often and ambiguously faced by accountants and human resources, they will receive in this explanation.

4. The service for the transfer of used furniture to charity has been developed by IKEA and will be implemented in all cities where the Swedish furniture concern is present, in cooperation with local charitable foundations. The goal of the initiative is to give a second life to things that their owners no longer need. The project will be part of the “Second Life of Furniture” campaign, which aims to extend the life of furniture according to the concept of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Users of the service will be able to give them unnecessary furniture of any brand and manufacturer for the needs of those whom they can still serve.

5. Hong Kong studio “RYTE” has developed a modular design of linen fiber stools.

The stool can be divided into three stacked segments for easy transportation and storage. In this way, the designers hope to encourage people to take Triplex mobile stools with them everywhere.

The stool is made of bioplastic PLA from fermented starch extracted from corn and flax fiber, which has high strength and elasticity and is not inferior to the characteristics of carbon fiber. The resulting composite has a high potential in terms of the disposal: to decompose one stool in a controlled environment, it will take three to six months. The modules that make up the stool are only three millimeters thick, and the strength of the structure is achieved through the strategically curved geometry of the seat. 

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