“UAFM in the faces”: interview with Yuri Gakh, co-owner of Romanna

Every new project is always a new challenge

The furniture company is a family. Named after his wife’s beautifully romantic name – “Romanna”. Successful. Export-oriented. She successfully overcame coronavirus problems, resuming pre-quarantine production volumes in the summer. Friends, let’s rejoice for colleagues and find out that Yuri Gakh, the head of the family furniture tandem, told about his business creation with his wife.

– Our company “Romanna” is named after his wife not formally, but on reasonable grounds: Romanna is not only its co-founder but also a think tank: she is the hostess of our branded salon, works with clients, leads projects, performs significant design work, having a natural creative gift. On me – production.

Our first furniture – wardrobes, hallways – were her authorship. Today, the company has professional designers, as its development has complicated the challenges it faces. We perform a lot of complex interior orders according to the projects of designers hired by clients.

The company developed through furniture universalization. For some time, mastered the production of kitchens, then – furniture for commercial (HoReCa) and public institutions, stadiums. Currently, we do not produce tables and chairs. Mastering the production of all types of cabinet furniture, including children’s and bathroom furniture, has allowed us to perform complex furnishing in interior projects. Not a stranger in the production of upholstered furniture. In particular sofas. Since we create them exclusively – such that customers can not buy in stores – it is easy to guess that these are not economical options.

– Transcarpathia is traditionally a furniture region. And where there are many single-industry and related enterprises, their cooperation and other types of cooperation are naturally practiced. Such relationships sometimes even have cluster features, although they are not formally full-fledged clusters. By the way, Zakarpattia is the most suitable region for the creation of another Ukrainian furniture cluster – after the one launched in Rivne and Kyiv regions by Kronaspan. Does your company somehow practice such forms of cooperation?

– We have a small production base, so at the stage of the formation of the company used a few simple machines. And still, for example, we realize format-cutting, edging needs on a contract basis, ordering to partner companies. I don’t know if there are any signs of furniture clustering in this. As well as the fact that sometimes for various reasons we are instructed to carry out complex projects by colleagues from other regions of the country. For us, such trust of colleagues is very honorable and important and became possible thanks to our membership in the Ukrainian  Association of Furniture Manufacturers.

– Some furniture companies basically organize production in such a way as to give part of the woodworking operations to contractors – primarily in view of the economic benefits.

– Although we do so – largely due to objective circumstances, rather than for economic reasons – we still prefer woodworking independence: to control all production processes. Therefore we keep a course on necessary machine support. First of all, the single-spindle manual drilling machine needs to be replaced – there are plans to buy a modern CNC filler unit, and there is also a cracker.

– You said that you also had a stadium order. So, can you make exterior furniture?

– For the first time we had to furnish the stadium with furniture. But we did not make furniture for the stands, but internally arranged stadium premises – the office of the FC president, stadium shops, hostels for the team, waiting areas, bathrooms, etc. I had to use a lot of metal, mirrors, plate materials. We had to do a lot for the first time, but it has been a habit for us for a long time because every new project is always a new challenge. This is the complexity, but also the creative interest and greater satisfaction with the successful implementation.

– They say: as you name the ship, so it will sail. Judging by the success of your company, you have not lost the name. So we wish you a happy “swim” in the future!

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