Points of interaction between Bavaria – the countries of exhibitions and Furniture of Ukraine

On October 15, 2020, the Bavarian-Ukrainian online event “Bavaria – the country of exhibitions” took place, which was attended by the Ukrainian Furniture Association represented by Board Member Oksana Donskaya.

MESSE MÜNCHEN exhibition company Bavaria

Opportunities to participate in exhibitions in Munich were presented during the event. The most popular exhibitions of Bavaria were presented to visitors.

In particular, Dr. Michael Pöllmann, Head of Central Sales at MESSE MÜNCHEN GmbH, spoke about the impact of their activities on the region in terms of job growth, stimulating purchasing power, and increasing tax revenues to the regional budget.

MESSE MÜNCHEN has its own 15 exhibitions in Munich and 30 events abroad. In total, the company’s events were attended by more than 3.15 million visitors.

Influence of COVID-19 on exhibition activity

 During the quarantine, the company was forced to cancel several exhibitions and developed a portal for a virtual presentation of its products to the world. In particular, the next exhibition Analityca Virtual will take place on October 19-23, 2020. When asked by Oksana Donskaya about the expected attendance of the event online, Dr. Michael Pöllmann could not give a specific answer, noting that they make efforts to organize the most effective participation in the exhibition and guarantee 100,000 attendance. and more like it’s offline, they can’t.

Points of interaction for the promotion of Furniture of Ukraine at the international level

Ms. Oksana Donska briefly presented to the participants of the online event “Bavaria – the country of exhibitions” the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers and statistics on the positive dynamics of production and exports of Ukrainian furniture. She said that in order to promote the Furniture of Ukraine brand to increase sales in Ukraine and around the world, UAM has established its own Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo, which will take place on April 7-9, 2021. In addition, the Association cooperates with several international specialized exhibitions on participation in them with collective stands, as well as mutual involvement of buyers. She cited examples of successful collaborations with London Design Fair, Woodtech and Intermob in Turkey, Woodtech in Africa, Meble Polska, and others.

A representative of MESSE MÜNCHEN said that they have separate offers to participate in national stands. He also noted the interest in cooperating with Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo on the mutual organization of visits by buyers to exhibitions in Munich and Kyiv.

The Ukrainian Furniture Association expresses its gratitude to the Chairman of the Board of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Commissioner of the Bavarian Economy in Ukraine, Mr. Alexander Marcus, for organizing an important and meaningful event for Ukrainian business.

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