“UAFM in the faces”: history of furniture makers who became leaders in the production of trade and advertising equipment from the co-owner of the company “Stojka”, Maxim Myzhensky

For more effective promotion, demonstration, advertising of goods

Stojka brand products are modern trade and advertising equipment designed for the promotion and sale of products in stores, supermarkets and retail chains.

Stojka’s joining the UAFM community of Ukrainian furniture makers is fully motivated by the fact that its production processes are also based on work with wood materials. Its products are similar in shape and purpose to some types of furniture. And we also learned from the head of the company Maksym Myzhensky that it was the traditional furniture industry that paved the way for Stojka in this specific area of ​​the woodworking business. Stojka is a trademark for commercial and advertising products, the production of which was started in 2012 by the Kharkiv furniture company MVM-Mebel, which specializes in the production of both office and home furniture.

Would you say that “Stojka”, moving away from purely furniture production, went down a step lower in woodworking technology and subject design: they say, its shelving-like structures are greatly simplified compared to high-tech designs of modern furniture? But no! The intention to engage in the production of commercial and advertising equipment was the desire of the Myzhensky brothers (Eugene – Maxim’s brother and co-owner) not just to occupy a niche in the woodworking business, where less competition than in the furniture business, but to offer domestic retail what he there was not enough time – trade and advertising equipment with “luxury” quality. And TM “Stojka” is the first trademark in Ukraine, which offered the Ukrainian market and its customers a serial production of exclusive trade and advertising stands made of chipboard and MDF. Trade and advertising stands are created here exclusively for specific products of the client company – in accordance with the declared manufacturer’s desire: “We are for each unique product to have its own unique trade stand.” 

– When we entered the market with Stojka products, we offered domestic retail and distributors not only high-quality trade and advertising equipment and the most individualized, we offered products that were not actually produced in the country, – says the company’s director. – And it is not surprising that we have become and remain leaders in this segment.

It is no secret that we focus on the development of such a specific category of products on foreign experience and trends. It has long been practised there for more effective promotion, demonstration, advertising of goods on sale, not only to brand the logos of the respective brands but also to design and manufacture them as oriented and adapted to the design and design of the products for which they are intended. In other words, it becomes customary for manufacturers to bring their products to market, already having the appropriate individualized commercial and advertising equipment.

– Nevertheless, there is standardized equipment in your range.

– Yes, it is. Because large, powerful commodity producers can afford to order individualized, exclusive trade and advertising equipment, and small or troublesome to be engaged in it, or expensively, therefore are satisfied with the standardized racks and stands. Usually, the development of companies, including furniture, is from simple to complex. We did the opposite: from the very beginning we set a high bar for ourselves, designing and manufacturing equipment for individual customer needs, adapting it to the specifics of their product for more effective marketing, but over time we could not ignore market demands for standardized advertising equipment. . But here it is necessary to emphasize that our standard models are not just two sidewalls fastened by several shelves. They are based on the features and elements of some of the most successful and popular individual developments used to universalize standardized models, – says Maxim.

– Your arrival in our Association is not similar to others: it does not represent the parent company, but its division…

– When we promoted the newly created brand “Stojka”, its membership in such an authoritative industry association as UAFM, was very important and helpful. This, in fact, remains. Especially considering that there are plans to make Stojka products export-oriented. The experience and capabilities of UAFM in this case are well known, so they joined the Association with this in mind. It is possible that we will ask again. Already as furniture, – Maxim concludes.

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