UAFM in the faces: a story about the coexistence and healthy competition of Ukrainian and Chinese furniture. Felix Selitrin, head of DAO SUN, tells

Chinese furniture creates healthy competition to domestic ones

DAO SUN from Dnipro is one of the few representatives of the domestic furniture retail in the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers. It was established in 2005 to import and sell Chinese furniture. This is what she is still doing, although from a certain moment she started to expand her offers with furniture products and furniture products from Ukrainian manufacturers – upholstered furniture, cabinet, gardens. He also sells mattresses. Thus, from a modest furniture importer, in the beginning, the company has grown into a powerful domestic furniture retailer, which has the status of a trading house that sells furniture under the same brand.

During the time that the company has been engaged in furniture imports, cooperating with dozens of Asian furniture companies, it has helped thousands of Ukrainian families furnish their homes with quality and affordable modern furniture that meets their aesthetic tastes and functional needs. But not only because of this it is profitable to buy furniture “DAO SUN”. The trading house is as loyal to its customers as possible and encourages them in every way: sells furniture on credit on favourable terms for the buyer, provides free delivery of purchased furniture for residents of the Dnieper, and delivery to any other the city of Ukraine; the buyer can return the purchased item within a year, if for some reason he stopped arranging it, the retailer activates the interest of potential buyers in their furniture offers, offering significant discounts (at the end of the year, for example, you can take advantage of the Black Friday discounts; in addition, practices other incentive trades.

– How profitable is it to import and sell Chinese furniture? – we asked the head of the company Felix Selitrin.

First of all, the fact that Chinese furniture responds more quickly than often domestic, to customer needs. They have almost no notions of “we don’t have that” or “we can’t.” They respond very quickly to the needs of the global furniture market, furniture trends and industry fashion: as soon as there is innovation – in two weeks they will offer their own version. Thus, Chinese furniture on the Ukrainian market creates healthy competition to ours, forcing Ukrainian furniture makers to be just as mobile, just as generous with assortment offers. In short, like the Chinese, they are forced to “do everything” just to satisfy the customer’s request. 

In general, the trade business, and in particular the sale of imported furniture, consists of many factors: there are favourable price parameters (we focus on the middle and middle plus segments), a wide range of products, and turnover. And when you put it all together and analyze it, it turns out that it’s really profitable to sell Chinese furniture. Despite the fact that there are difficulties – in what case do you do without them ?! – says Mr Felix.   

– And what are the most sensitive for you?

– In the delivery of goods from China. We use sea transport for this purpose, and its services become more and more expensive. Another problem is lack. It happens – what a sin to hide. Sometimes manufacturers compensate our losses because of this, sometimes we can’t convince them to do it, – the head of the company shares his experience.

– What tables and chairs, which are the basis of your imports from China, are currently the most popular in our market? That is, from what materials? An array?

Yes, no. We sell a few natural wood products. Many – with the use of MDF, glass, metal. Here is a simple trade dependence: the better we sell, the more we buy. 

Now we offer to the market tables with a ceramic covering of tabletops. This is a fairly new offer of ours. Their attractive shiny appearance is not the main advantage of a table with a ceramic surface. Ceramic coating has a number of undeniable advantages: it is impossible to contaminate, difficult to scratch, the surface material does not absorb liquids, grease and dyes, so no stains; thanks to high durability it is not damaged at contact with cutlery. 

Ceramics are not afraid of temperature fluctuations: you can safely put hot food and drinks on the table, forgetting about the stands forever, – continues Mr Felix.

– What is the interest of the company in membership in UAFM?

The company has acquired the status of a trading house, strengthened its position in the market and due to the fact that it did not limit itself to sales of only imported furniture, but also expanded its offer at the expense of domestic products. And it is better to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with such suppliers, being in the same association with them, – says Mr Felix.

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