“UAFM in the face”: the story of high furniture, which launched in the “garage”. Tells Andriy Varenytsia, owner of Varenycia Manufacture

Regularities in the furniture biography of Varenytsia

It turned out to be surprisingly simple and pleasant to write an introductory article about Varenycia Manufacture, a company that produces premium-class furniture in Lviv: a lot has already been written about it in various industry publications and videos have been shot. And all the same, it was necessary to call the company: supposedly, pay attention also to our information request. They gave it to us – and here we have another story about Andriy Varenytsia, him, the company, its team and products.

It would be strange if a student, whose favourite subject at school was labour education, became, say, a biologist or philologist, but a furniture maker – naturally. Andriy Varenytsia eventually became him. This was preceded by studies at the school and in the forestry “university”, where he acquired the profession of furniture designer. Of course, the designer, who managed to create his own furniture production, could not be satisfied with furniture consumption, so the focus on high-end furniture – another pattern in the biography of Andrew. Although the “garage furniture” could not be bypassed. And no wonder. Such is our peculiarity in this case, that the road to high furniture for many who seek it, runs through the “garage”.     

Want more regularity? Well, here’s another thing for you: Varenytsia chose a place and a room for the country location of his company – not specifically, but that’s how it turned out – in which there was once a maternity hospital for calves. The regularity is that the room has not lost its original purpose – now furniture is born here.   

The fact that “Varenycia Manufacture” is an authoritative furniture brand is evidenced by the following detail: Austrian fittings, high-end, which the company uses in its furniture, branded with its logo. For architects and interior designers, who are the main customers of individualized furniture, in the production of which the company specializes, this detail says a lot. 

Communicating with customers taught Andriy that the image and trust in the company are formed not only by its high-quality products but also by the conditions in which it is produced and presented to end customers. That is why these seemingly secondary, accompanying things and circumstances began to receive close attention. For example, the office. Until recently, they had a good one – many would be satisfied for a long time, Varenytsia – no. Now the office has been renovated according to a well-thought-out project – both for greater convenience for employees and for better presentability for guests. Everything is in order here: everything you need is in order. Even the colours are chosen to be as “effective” as possible: some focus attention, promote efficiency (in the room where the designers work), others promote an atmosphere of trust (in the meeting room), and in the dining room – those that are favourable for digestion.     

The Varenycia Manufacture office is also a kind of showroom. Arranged with functioning furniture of its own production, which fully makes it clear what this company is capable of, what is the level of its furniture. Andriy comments: “Given the dynamics of model and style variability of the furniture we produce, we realized that there will be no effective benefit from the traditional showroom, where we will periodically blow dust from products that were something new to us five years ago. They will satisfy us and customers with individual tastes and requests. ” 

Given that “Varenycia Manufacture” is constantly evolving, one of the guests asked: they say, and, for example, in two years, if I visit you again, what can surprise me? To which Andriy answered half-jokingly, half-seriously: “In order not to tire you next time, we will move – and not only through the territory – on electric scooters.” 

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