“UAFM in the faces”: how to be a supplier, manufacturer, dropshipper and provide services for furniture makers? Tells the CEO of the company “Zalizo”, Natalia Nikolaenko

Furniture “loft” from “Zalizo”

To a person unfamiliar with modern furniture, it would seem strange that a full member of the association of furniture makers, who traditionally deal with wood and wood materials, is a company with the eloquent name “Zalizo”. But modern furniture has long gone beyond the traditional, and the furniture shop now includes those who exclusively process glass and those who deal only with metal. And most often modern furniture practices a combination of different materials in furniture products: wood, metal, glass, plastic, stone.

The Nikolaev Zalizo LLC is one of such “combinators”: at the heart of its furniture metal in combination with wooden elements: for example, if it is tables, then bases are metal and table-tops from chipboard. Natalia Nikolaenko, the current head of the company, or as it is now called – CEO, spoke in more detail about the specifics of “Zalizo”:

– The company is young (we are only two years old), but in the domestic market has already established itself significantly and authoritatively. Evidence of this is a number of profitable tender sales of our products. Conceived as a manufacturer and supplier for furniture companies of metal components: frames, frames, bases, and other metal furniture elements. This is where they started, but soon realized that they could simultaneously on the basis of their own frames and independently furnish, establishing both the production of home furniture and school, garden, office, furniture for HoReCa. And they became real furniture makers, although they did not lose the function of a supplier of metal components for furniture partners. We are currently developing both of these areas at the same time.

The furniture produced both serially and to order by Natalia Nikolaenko’s company best fits into the so-called industrial interior style, better known as the loft. Having come into vogue, including furniture, in the last century, this “strict” style is confident – so to speak, “Zalizo” – still holds its position, and the company “Zalizo” makes good use of it.

However, as they say, not the only metal. The company “Zalizo”, despite the fact that woodworking is not as technologically comprehensive as metalworking, is also capable of producing cabinet furniture from particleboard: cabinets, chests of drawers, cabinets and more.

– To partner companies – and not only furniture – but you also offer such a service as powder coating of metal products and elements…

– Yes, although this operation is mainly part of our production of custom-made furniture components. It is clear that we sell each such product to the customer dressed in the colour agreed with him. But it also happens that we are asked to paint products not made by us. We do not refuse. In this case, powder finishing is really a service.

In general, it is easy and convenient for our furniture colleagues to work with us. In particular, regarding the terms of execution of orders. I know similar companies that are very reluctant to deviate from their basic product samples, reluctant to change their well-established production processes or technologies. And even if the customer needs to increase or decrease the size of something by at least five centimetres, they either refuse such orders or increase the term of their execution. At us regardless of whether something from our serial models will be ordered, whether the individual variant is necessary, the term of performance of the order is invariable.

– In order to intensify the promotion of its products, the company offers dealer cooperation on the terms of dropshipping. Tell us about this form of the dealership: maybe not all members of our Association know about it, but learn, and even use it.

– Dropshipping (from the English. Dropshipping – direct delivery) – a scheme of trade in which the sale of products of the manufacturer is carried out by an intermediary (dropshipper). The profit of the intermediary is formed due to the difference between the value of the goods from the manufacturer and the price at which the goods were sold to the customer. Yes, this scheme of trade does not do without an intermediary, but only at the stage of finding a buyer for the manufacturer’s goods, but the manufacturer delivers the ordered goods to the end customer directly, without the participation of the intermediary. This is the peculiarity of such a trading scheme and its benefits for both the dealer and the manufacturer.

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