Webinar: Wood today – topical issues of furniture

Recently, the State Trading Platform “Prozorro. Sales “together with the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers held a meeting on the problems of selling raw wood in Ukraine.
The purpose of the meeting was to form a common vision of the list of problems that hinder the effective functioning of the raw wood market in Ukraine; identify a list of actions needed to address these issues; to reach agreements on a joint action plan (preparation of changes to legislation, changes to government decrees), necessary for this, to identify stakeholders who need to be involved in such work. More details at the link: https://uafm.com.ua/shlyahy-prodazhu-neobroblenoyi-derevyny-v-ukrayini/

After the meeting, we realized the relevance of this topic and decided to organize a webinar: Wood today – topical issues of furniture.

At the webinar we will talk about:
🔘Differences in logging in Ukraine and the world.
🔘Ways of selling / buying wood.
🔘Is there a shortage of untreated wood?
🔘Rare species of wood in Ukraine.
🔘Necessary measures in the wood processing industry are needed to increase the competitiveness of furniture.

⚪️Webinar speaker:
Vasyl Masyuk – publisher and editor of the newspaper “Derevoobrobnyk” and the magazine “Furniture Technologies”, Chairman of the Public Council at the State Forestry Agency of Ukraine

⚪️When: July 8, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

⚪️Registration for the webinar: https://bit.ly/ForestWebinarUAFM

Please write questions to the speaker when filling in the registration, he will answer them during the webinar.

Together we create the best furniture environment in Ukraine!


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