Feedback from participants of the LEAN tour of UAFM to Transcarpathia 2021

Although it is already autumn and cold outside, we want to remember our warm summer LEAN tour to Transcarpathia and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the trip.

Participants of the LEAN tour returned to Transcarpathia full of impressions. We talked to several of them.



Oleg Mazhnikov, BIS-M Furniture Factory LLC:

– I took part in such a tour for the first time, but probably not for the last time. What I realized first of all: before you start implementing lean processes, you need to more clearly structure, streamline your production. And from what follows to start specifically such an arrangement, I already know. Every woodworking plant I have visited has its own peculiarities, but the basis for lean is the same everywhere, and it is the most important for me now.




Alexander Shevchenko, Brammer Company:

– In a practical sense, to dive into the lean – this is just one useful component of this trip. I also needed new acquaintances and the opportunity to find new markets for the company. It was not superfluous to be a little distracted from things, there was a recreational and cognitive program of the tour, there was no lack of emotions, and it’s great.

As for the lean practice of the companies we visited, it was useful to compare with what we have. I was pleased to note that we have something at the highest level, in some ways, of course, we are lagging behind. Some of what I saw made it clear to me that there are things that need my special personal attention as a company founder. Such tips proved to be very valuable.




Olga Dovbenko, directorate of B2B-exhibition “FUBE”:

– Our interest in such tours is that we get first-hand more information about companies that could be the objects of our exhibition activities. After all, the peculiarity of our work – and hence the exhibition “FUBE” – is that our relationship with client companies does not end with the end of the exhibition. We continue, as in the period of preparation for the exhibition, to look for promising buyers for them, to organize our exhibiting companies, current and potential, visits to their production of foreign sales representatives who are interested in their products.




Vitaliy Tyulkin, Helios Ukraine:

– During this trip we contacted new potential clients – and this is an important business result for us to participate in the Transcarpathian tour. Pleasure from the trip was accompanied by a pleasant, friendly atmosphere in the company of tour participants.

As for the main purpose of the tour, we already knew – because it was not the first time we were participants in the lean tour – that the company of Joseph Pavlyk is among the leaders in lean production, but the company “KLEN”, which we also visited last year, this year is enough convincingly demonstrated how powerfully she has advanced in a year in the field of lean-improvements. This example is very instructive.




Serhiy Polishchuk, Desire Room Company:

– The value of this year’s lean-tour is not only that we saw a lot of useful things for ourselves at the enterprises we visited, but also that we were constantly accompanied and additionally saturated with important information by a professional lean-consultant. We have known a lot about the principles of economical, efficient production for a long time, but it was important to see the practical results of companies that have already gained considerable experience in this field. This is very motivating. And once again – because this is not the first time we are on such a trip – we are convinced that the lean philosophy must be deeply imbued, first of all, by the head of the company in order to instill this thinking in subordinates. Otherwise, this good idea will fail. And yet: before lean comes to the production shops, office workers and services must obey him.


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To be continued…

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