Let’s furnish Ukraine

“The house without furniture is just a building.”

UAFM initiates the project “Furnish Ukraine”, which should be part of the overall state program for the restoration and reconstruction of housing infrastructure in the country

The implementation of this project will provide Ukrainians not just with buildings, but with housing to which they can return quickly and conveniently. At least the basic set of necessary furniture will greatly facilitate the arrangement of homes and already tired of forced relocation families.

We are confident that we can create the necessary furniture for the comfort of Ukrainians

Before the war, the Ukrainian furniture industry was one of the most promising sectors of the economy, which annually demonstrated significant growth in the production and export of finished products. More than 100,000 Ukrainians work in the country’s woodworking and furniture industries at thousands of enterprises. In 2021 alone, Ukrainian furniture exports amounted to 1.05 billion dollars. Ukrainian furniture makers still supply products to world leaders in furniture retail such as JYSK, XXLUZ, HOMECENTER and others. Ukrainian furniture is sold online on all continents.

Today UAFM unites 282 companies, of which 202 are manufacturers of furniture of all directions and price segments (upholstered, cabinet, office, school, medical, kitchen, tables and chairs, metal furniture, interior items, mirrors, windows, doors, etc.) and 80 – suppliers of goods and services (equipment, paints and adhesives, designers, architects, accessories, raw materials and furniture parts, board materials, etc.), in the Association we have the whole chain to create furniture and even simple modular houses (from plate materials).

The members of the association already have experience in implementing joint projects for furnishing residential buildings and coworking spaces, we are already cooperating with Ukrainian designers and architects.


The UAFM’s Directorate is ready to take on the role of moderator to unite all parties in the process of reconstruction and furnishing of housing and other facilities.

We have already addressed a letter to the authorities asking them to support the project at the state level by including furniture makers in the project reconstruction of Ukraine.

The Letter

We invite everyone who can and wants to work, support and help Ukrainians to return to a dignified life to join the project!

Let's furnish Ukraine!


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