How to work in war Interview with Tatiana Kravets, director of Kleiberit-Ukraine

On Wednesday, May 11, as part of the UAFM project “Let’s talk about …”, we held a webinar, where we talked about optimization together with lean expert Olga Peretyatko.

We are grateful Kleiberit-Ukraine for supporting the UAFM project “Let’s talk about …”, which enriches the members of the Association with the necessary knowledge and helps to get answers to pressing questions!

We interviewed Tatyana Kravets, director of the company, in which she spoke about how the company works in today’s conditions and how the war has changed the company’s mode of operation.

Kleiberit-Ukraine is an active member of UAFM, a supplier of high-quality adhesive materials and a permanent partner of our projects. The company is open to cooperation and invites everyone to get acquainted with its products!

1. How did the war change the working conditions of the team?

The entire team immediately switched to a remote format. Given the first weeks of hostilities, we completely stopped all work in order to understand what exactly is happening and how it will all affect the markets where we are present. The first two weeks were like a stupor, the missile strikes were chaotic. For all Colleagues, the most important task was to transport the family and loved ones to the safest possible place, as far as possible. As soon as the UAFM became part of the coordinating headquarters for the provision of the military, they immediately joined this project financially.

We also stopped the delivery of our products in Poland, which left the factory on 23.02. And already on March 10, with the help of our reliable partners represented by the Escada-M company, we brought part of this supply to their warehouse, since the Kyiv region, where our warehouse is located, was a zone of active hostilities.

And towards the end of March, we already exported some of the products to Western Ukraine, where our partner Avangard was also able to organize a regional warehouse.

At the same time, we continued and continue to pay employees’ wages and taxes to the budget.

On my own behalf, I will say that back in 2020, when the first lockdown practically stopped the work of many industrial enterprises, and our Clients, I made a decision for myself on a permanent reserve fund, which should allow me to support the team for at least 3 months in case of force majeure.

2. Has something changed in the complex of goods and services of the company?

Now we have kept the whole range of goods and services provided.

The only difference is the impossibility of very urgent trips to the Clients, as the logistics on the roads are very difficult. At the same time, all our engineers are in touch with Clients from the very first day of the war.

We are preparing to take an active part in the reconstruction of the country, and we are exploring new options for logistics, as this is now one of the most important issues for all our partners.

3. What decisions did the company make to optimize its activities?

Due to the fact that in general, we have been working on optimization since 2019, there have been no global changes. Of course, we have negotiated with our suppliers to rent an office and a warehouse in order to find some mutually beneficial solution for the period of active hostilities.

4. What are the unresolved tasks that the company really needs to solve?

A sore point is critical imports, back in early April, thanks to the support of UAFM, all codes of our products were included in the list of critical imports. After all, there are companies that continue their production activities and we, as responsible suppliers, cannot let them down. But at the end of April, due to a certain lobby, some of the codes were excluded, but we are working on it again. Since we are talking about products, for example, for the PVC window market, where there are no analogues in local production.

5. What would you like to wish our viewers?

Do not stop. War is a terrible challenge, and only by continuing to work can we restore the country and maintain the economy. None of us understands how long this will all continue, but we all just have to find solutions to this situation.

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