Compensation for business losses due to war. Post-announcement

On June 22, UAFM held a webinar: “Compensation for business losses due to the war” together with professional lawyer Mykhailo Honcharuk.

Mykhailo Honcharuk is a managing partner of Honcharuk & Partners JSB, a lawyer.

The following issues were discussed at the webinar:

  • What does the state (legislation) offer?
  • Is it realistic to get compensation today?
  • What damages can be reimbursed?
  • What do businesses need to do today to receive reimbursement in the future?

For more detailed information, please watch the video.

If you have additional questions or need professional advice, please contact Mr Michael:

Telegram, WhatsApp: +380672433364

Honcharuk & Partners law firm website

Email: office@honcharukpartners.com

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