News digest

  • Accession to the Convention on a common transit procedure
  • Demand compensation for all damage
  • Lease agreements in electronic format
  • IKEA is testing a new service
  • Innovation in the sliding door system

All that happened over the past week in Ukraine and around the world and what is relevant and interesting for the furniture maker, read in our digests:

1. Ukraine plans soon accede to the Convention on the Joint Procedure transit. “Another area in which Ukraine is actively integrating with Europe is transport and customs. We plan to sign a “customs visa-free” in the near future, ie to accede to the Convention on a Common Transit Procedure. This document is the basis for the movement of goods between EU member states “We are already using the relevant computerized NCTS system and are technically ready to accede to the relevant Convention. Such accession will significantly speed up customs clearance and speed the flow of goods. This is better customs quality and new opportunities for Ukrainian business,” Denis Shmygal said.

2. Business should talk not only about compensation for losses caused to it as a result of russian aggression but also about compensation for all damage, said the founder of the law firm “Concor” Gennady Borisichev.

I draw your attention to the fact that losses are only part of such a concept as “harm”. Pity includes more direct losses, but also additional costs, uncollected profit, too is and moral damage. For example, for a legal entity to really prove the existence inflicted moral damage, in particular as a result losses non-property assets, goodwill etc”.

3. The State Property Fund restored carrying out rental auctions, suspended them back in February after the war, and translates them into electronic form agreements that are not subject to the notarial certificate. Two Days After the return of the auctions, it was announced almost a hundred new ones were.

Leonid, First Deputy Chairman of the SPF Antonenko stated that there will be agreements now come to e-mail.

4. “IKEA” in the countries where it is represented (for example, in Poland) tests a new service: equips – including in offices for the sale of apartments or nearby – planning points IKEA Warsaw Ursus », where customers can use the services of kitchen or cabinet design and interior design consulting. This decision is a response to the trend of dynamic construction of new housing in developed countries.

5. New Awislide aluminium sliding door system Panoramic from Awilux is an innovative solution.
She allows the creation of wider glazing than in the case made of PVC. The novelty is perfect complements the interior p and with upscale wooden processing, providing unprecedented light interior while preserving the highest parameters of insulation.

Large-format glazing is an architectural trend of recent years, thanks to which houses and apartments gain full access to natural light while maintaining a high aesthetic and minimalist design. The modern AWISlide door system in the Panoramic version is the answer to the growing demand for panoramic sliding doors, thanks to which you can maximally illuminate any interior, achieving excellent technical parameters and ease of use.

The new decision from Awilux guarantees _ _ easy and smooth sliding, and the narrow frame allows pass into the house as possible more of the sun. Panoramic version from fixed glass section outside facilitates installation unnecessarily transfer heavy elements within at home.

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