How to make a breakthrough in the furniture industry?

The Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers has answered this question and is going to level up the furniture industry of Ukraine in April 2020.

From 7 to 9 April, 2020, UAFM, in partnership with Euroindex, is organizing the first and only furniture trade fair in Ukraine dedicated only to Ukrainian furniture and design – Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo .
Yesterday, on November 14, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine hosted a meeting to discuss plans to hold exhibitions and fairs with the participation of Ukraine abroad in 2020 with the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture – Trade Representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka.
UAFM’s position is that it is necessary to shift the focus to Ukraine and hold international exhibitions here. UAFM President Volodymyr Patis spoke on this at the meeting: “We have a problem that people do not perceive Ukraine as a state. We don’t sell furniture, we sell wood. When people come, they see that our European country – pure, tolerant, with a classy gastronomy – is a completely different product. That is, we sell the core of the product, but the whole product is Ukraine. And we see, even over the last year, on those trade missions that we did with the ExportPromotionOffice and USAID, we see what we got in specific deals. But these agreements were made because everyone we met came to Ukraine. ”

Taras Kachka expressed his opinion on this position: “I fully support the potential if possible; that is, to represent the industry here by inviting buyers, partners and so on. This is much more effective in terms of country presentation. Because in words to explain that Ukraine  is  civilization, it is more difficult. ”

It is very important for us to get support from the state, international and national partner organizations, embassies and chambers of commerce to make this exhibition a success and breakthrough, so we will continue to work to bring clients to Ukrainian furniture and designers and create in Ukraine better furniture environment.

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