What to expect from the buyer?

Preparations for the Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo are underway. Due to its postponement for well-known reasons, the time has come for more comprehensive and thorough preparation of Ukrainian furniture makers for the first Ukrainian furniture B2B forum, so that participation in it would be as effective as possible for them, and the Ukrainian Furniture Association is not wasting time. Confirmation of this is the holding of another consultative event at the beginning of the week – a webinar on “Negotiations with a foreign buyer”, moderated by our exhibition consultant Raimundas Paichulis and held with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Ukraine Program. to the first Bayer furniture exhibition FUBE – 2021, which will take place from 15 to 17 June. 

First of all, the consultant warned against mistakes that are sometimes made by furniture when selling their products: they are either wrong in the organization of sales, or offer the market the wrong product that interests them, or do not focus on those potential buyers. It is even more important to know the expectations of foreign potential buyers who will be the buyers of the exhibition. Mr Paichulis not only guided the webinar participants in such expectations but also told what categories of buyers should be expected at the upcoming exhibition and what are the features of effective communication with representatives of each of the Bayer categories. It is no less important for export-oriented Ukrainian furniture makers to know the features and needs of those foreign markets that “delegate” their buyers to the exhibition.

More chances to get the most out of participating in the B2B exhibition in the company, which will involve in negotiations with foreign guests employees who already have some experience in this. It is not necessary for the head of the company to take on communication with potential foreign clients alone, as is often the case.

If the company offers furniture that lacks creativity in design, its exposure will simply be bypassed, even if the quality of the products is at the proper level. A piece of furniture should have more value than its immediate functionality. Often this value is a priority for the success of its sale. Needless to say, the attractive design, not backed by excellent product quality, is doomed to failure. He can lie in wait for the exporter if he does not correctly calculate all the risks that are possible in foreign trade – and the risks that he can create for the customer (often due to supply disruptions) and which can be expected from him. It is necessary to realize that the exporter will not be limited to the fact of sale of the goods, because he will assume certain post-sales obligations, first of all, service.

The participants of the webinar asked the consultant a number of specific questions (for example, what are the buyers primarily focused on – the price or quality of the product? How to determine whether the buyer is not a fictitious person?) 

Here is an important note of the UAFM: buyers who are expected, invited and checked by the organizers of the exhibition, therefore, Ukrainian participants do not need to fear their “fake”.


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