News digest

  • Manifestation of customs confidence

  • Priority is given to products with high added value

  • The control over observance of the labor legislation is strengthened

  • Leitz has instrumental novelties

  • Furniture possibilities of a building plate

Everything that happened last week in Ukraine and the world and that is relevant to the furniture maker, read in our digest:

1. In Ukraine, the first certificate of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) has been issued, confirming the right to use simplifications during customs procedures. This is done so that the customs authorities are not a barrier to crossing the border. This supports honest business and facilitates customs procedures for bona fide importers and exporters.

The head of the State Customs Service Pavlo Ryabikin adds: “AEO is a program of cooperation between customs and business. Customs must trust honest entrepreneurs. The Authorized Economic Operator program translates this trust into practice. ”

2. The structure of Ukraine’s exports should be changed by promoting domestic products with high added value on foreign markets, said Deputy Chairman of the Office of President Igor Zhovkva during a speech at a meeting of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.

” We are all forced to play by the new rules of a new pandemic world. We must work together to invent a “recipe for success” of our state, in particular, in foreign economic activity, which will meet the realities of the changing and full challenges of the modern world. “

There is no doubt that furniture makers are among those who are able to meet such challenges.

3. The President signed a law to prevent pressure on the business. The law allows local governments to exercise control over enterprises, institutions and organizations of communal property of the respective territorial communities.

Other businesses should also be aware of it, as the law stipulates that local governments may also take the initiative to conduct state inspections of non-communally owned enterprises, as well as individual entrepreneurs who use the labor of employees.

4. The world-famous manufacturer of woodworking tool tools – the company “Leitz” has introduced two lines of diamond end mills – Diamaster PRO³ and Diamaster PLUS³.

Thanks to the 50% increase in speed of giving and stability of the tool, faultless cutting edges and smooth narrow surfaces they provide such a level of processing of preparations which is difficult to reach by means of the usual milling tool. This is achieved by using Real-Z3 technology, which eliminates the axial gaps between the individual cutting elements and thus increases the number of cutting elements that work effectively in the material.

Conventional end mills process the surface with two cutting edges at the same time, and new ones have three cutting edges.

5. MFP multifunctional building board from Pfleiderer, which is manufactured using a unique technology, has proven that its versatility makes it possible to use it in furniture.

This material guarantees excellent resistance to loading in both directions, ideal plasticity and convenient mechanical processing, and at observance of the distance of 8 mm from the edge of a plate – incomparable stability of fastening of screws, nails, bolts and pins. The plate is resistant to deformation, its stratification practically does not swell in humid conditions.

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