UAFM Conference: The Amazing Twentieth

2020. With what do you associate it?!

Covid-19, coronary crisis, quarantine, retrograde Mercury, closed borders… In general, some problems. So?

This year has been difficult, BUT it has taught us all to be flexible, to be able to change.

History has repeatedly shown us that SUCCESS is always a victory over certain difficulties.

At our Amazing Twentieth conference, we want to sum up the year, listen to the stories of our furniture makers, designers, service providers, consultants, and understand what and how to do next year to not only save our business, but also scale it.

In the program of the event:

  • Real stories of the twentieth year from the furniture industry
  • Favorite format is Speed ​​Dating, this time Buyers / Suppliers
  • Olga Peretyatko is a Lean 6 Sigma consultant, Lean coach at Lean Six Sigma. Helps companies optimize and adjust production and management processes.
  • Natalia Kadya is a business humanist, neuroscientist (NeuroLeadership Institute. New York), consultant on organizational development, leadership and personnel management. Advises company executives and government leaders on leadership issues.
  • Vitaliy Ivakhov – Member of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers, owner of the company “100% interior. Among his well-known “furniture guru”, he knows everything about the furniture business: from the idea of ​​the product to a clear strategy for its implementation. Helps companies to put their business in order, including in times of crisis.

Format: cognitive and extremely necessary, and most importantly – a TRUE conference on how to be a business in a world of change.

The event starts at 13:00

The conference lasts from 14:00 to 21:00, including coffee breaks and buffet networking.

Location: SIGNAL EVENT HALL, Kyiv, street Zhylyanska, 97


(Number of participants is limited to 100 people)

The cost of participation in the conference is 2000 UAH.

50% discount for UAFM members.

The participation fee for UAFM members is UAH 1,000.

See you at the event!

EXHALE this year and INSPIRE the next!

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