Lean tour to Transcarpathia

Friends, we do not know how you are, but we have already missed you very much!

We know that you have long dreamed of a useful vacation, so we suggest you go on a three-day lean tour to Transcarpathia, where we will combine work, study and a little relaxation.

In the program:
– cheerful company of partners and like-minded people;
– visits to furniture factories in Transcarpathia;
– lean-consultant throughout the tour;
– experience in implementing lean production from Pavlyk;
and more….
– Transcarpathian hospitality;
– rafting for the most active;
– relaxation for the calmest;
– delicious wine and cheese for everyone.

Dates: August 26-28, 2020

Tour Description

Participation is possible only with prior registration


The number of places is limited to 50 participants.
The place is assigned to the participant only after payment of participation.

* It is SAFE to travel with us, because we give each participant mask, sanitizer and vest at work.

This time we decided to organize everything so that the three days were as productive and informative as possible, and on the last day – a vacation in nature with colleagues and friends.

Plus the trip – throughout the tour we will be accompanied by a professional lean-consultant Julia Bratus.
Julia has practical experience in developing and implementing elements of Kaizen’s philosophy, namely: development, implementation and maintenance of tools – systems of suggestions for improvement, 5S system, effective teamwork, motivation system to raise employee initiative, reduce costs and shortages to the best performance in the industry by eliminating losses through the introduction of the 5S system, KPI system and continuous improvement based on teamwork.

Well, let’s go?!

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