“UAFM in faces”: Interview with Tatiana Kravets, head of Kleiberit-UKRAINE LLC

“UAFM in faces”: Interview with Tatiana Kravets, head of Kleiberit-UKRAINE LLC

The team ensures success, the product guarantees it

Under this heading, we talked about the various components of the success of companies that are part of the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers. What will be discussed in this introductory paragraph, you can not call a component of success, but rather – a convincing indicator of the success of the company. If the company is able to be a partner of corporate events of the Association, then its success is beyond doubt. The partner of this year’s summer Welcome party UAFM was the company “Kleiberit-UKRAINE”, a subsidiary of the German company “KLEBCHEMIE M.G.Becker GmbH & Co. KG “, a well-known manufacturer of adhesive systems and developer of technologies for their effective application.

Of course, Tetyana Kravets, the head of Kleiberit-UKRAINE LLC, did not brag about this when we talked to her about the company’s success, but we do not forget the good deeds and take this opportunity to thank her for such charitable assistance to the furniture community.

– I will name the three most important factors of our success: it is a well-chosen, well-united, highly qualified team that ensures this success, high-quality products that guarantee it, and it is our honesty and openness in relations with customers, which for us, first of all, business partners.

– About relations with clients I ask to tell in more detail.

– Speaking of honesty and openness, here is an example. If a client turns to us with a special need for glue, and we understand that he is not really able to help him for objective reasons at a high technological level, we will not “help” in any way, if only not to lose the client. Because it will be a false benefit: the client will still be lost and will become the bearer of bad fame about the company.

In the event that we do not take action, we help by advising who could really help in such a situation, if we do not really see the solution. But often we offer a different, more correct approach to solving a problem that has arisen in a potential client, arguing that he, so to speak, did not undertake to solve it from the end. What is better, more effective, and sometimes cheaper is its solution, which he does not know about, and we, familiar with the glue technology to the smallest detail, see a way out of an extraordinary situation.

The company’s priorities are directly related to the components of success, which Ms. Tatiana called. As for the team, the priority is to constantly improve the professional level of employees. By all effective means: training, internships, conducting master classes, seminars on the topics of their specialization. Since Kleiberit-UKRAINE is not just a seller of adhesives or even a distributor of the manufacturer, but its Ukrainian division, all that the parent company conducts for its employees is a detailed acquaintance with new products and technologies of their use, trade innovations, etc. binding for comprehension and the Ukrainian representatives of the company.

Considerable attention is paid in the company and everything that increases the level of loyalty of employees to it. If their life aspirations coincide as much as possible with the interests of the company, then their work in the company will be as effective as possible. The profitability here is interdependent.

– Can we say that a company that is a subsidiary of a manufacturer will a priori be more successful than one that is a distributor?

– In principle, yes, but still the determining factor here is the manufacturer’s policy. As for our company, KLEBCHEMIE, it has almost the same attitude and appreciation as its subsidiaries and distributors. We are in a better position because of another circumstance: distributors usually have several suppliers, so they do not know the products as thoroughly and deeply as we know the products of one manufacturer. Often they sell only adhesives, and we – adhesive solutions: the product plus the effective technology of its application in accordance with the individual specifics of the adhesive needs of the client. That is, we sell the customer a solution to his adhesive needs.

To do this, first study the need, find out what the client has the technical capabilities to address it. If they are not enough or they are outdated, we offer to buy the necessary equipment. We will learn to use it if the client listens to our advice. If all is well: the client has approved the proposed adhesive system, then our technologist undertakes to establish the adhesive process in the production of the client as an example of a single product, and a serial, flow batch. Will tell in detail about all the nuances of the process, which must be paid attention to to avoid marriage when gluing. Protecting the client from glue sticking is a mandatory and very responsible task for us. This is our significant competitive advantage.

The company differs favorably from similar “adhesives” in that it undertakes the manufacture of a specific product for non-standard customer needs, if the products of its standard line are not quite suitable. In most cases, such solutions are innovative.

Company success is not a constant category. It must be constantly confirmed, supported and developed. In this regard, Kleiberit-UKRAINE LLC could not neglect the capabilities of well-known methods of efficient, prudent management and continuous improvement – “kaizen” and lean. Especially being a member of UAFM, where these issues are always on the agenda. Since last year, the company has begun the practical implementation of improvement processes – continuous, step-by-step improvement, search for production losses and their elimination. The result: it became clear that it is possible not to increase the staff in line with the increase in sales, as has been done so far. By improving the organization of work, in particular each employee in his workplace, analyzing to the smallest detail the content of each operation, you can fully cope with the available forces.

Kleiberit-UKRAINE is a member not only of our UAFM, as its adhesive systems are in demand by industrialists in various industries. Tetyana Kravets does not think that this fact is so important for the success of her company, but admits that a company that has the support of several associations feels more confident in the market and has greater potential for development.


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