In Novograd-Volyn furniture makers, the guarantee is not only in the name of the company

In Novograd-Volyn furniture makers, the guarantee is not only in the name of the company

Irina Ryabchuk, a marketing specialist for Garant Export, had to be asked if they were selling furniture abroad: the focus on export was laid in the company, as they say, from birth, which already confirms its name.
However, like most companies new to export business, Garant Export started it modestly. There was no strategic focus on obviously promising world markets – the search for potential customers was multi-vector, carried out in different directions. Basically, they did not go beyond the borders of the former union “sister republics.” And there were good reasons. Firstly, the company did not yet have proper certification, which made it possible to “swing” to the markets of the so-called far abroad countries (the process of acquiring it turned out to be lengthy and difficult), and secondly, that it was completely banal – they did not have English-speaking managers to communicate with the same far abroad. The first furniture Novograd-Volyntsev became interested in Moldavians (and where Moldova, there is Romania) and Latvians. Now the company exports furniture to more than ten countries, but those first markets remain the most reliable and stable for it. They import Novograd-Volyn furniture more than other foreign retailers, since the furniture dealers there were already able to convince the end user, the furniture of this Ukrainian brand is not only high-quality and comfortable, but also makes it possible to create an individual interior in any house, because their style the variations have virtually no boundaries in the range from the restrained classics to the bold modernity. And there is more mutual trust between old partners, and this component in exports, as well as in trade relations in general, is very useful.
Irina says that even now, seeking to expand its export opportunities, the company does not aim at specific markets, regions, countries, and also searches for customers in all directions, including expanding its presence in the fully developed markets of Moldova, Romania and the Baltic states. Now that a certain export experience has already been gained, when there are all the necessary permits, when the quality of the Garant brand furniture is really guaranteed, it has become easier to find wholesale furniture retailers. And even more so, when the company reached the level of participation in prestigious foreign exhibitions, not to mention Ukrainian ones: the German exhibition is already in the past, ahead of the German and Ukrainian ones.
It is easy and comfortable for foreign retailers to work with Garant Export because its furniture and furniture are flexible, ready – within reasonable limits, of course – to respond to customer requests. “We can,” says Irina Ryabchuk, “with our own design potential and modify the basic models, kitchens, wardrobes, other cabinet and upholstered furniture that are in the company’s assortment (changing basic colors, sizes, a set of modules), and develop new ones according to wishes customers. It happens that we also produce furniture options according to customers’ designs. ” The credo of the company: do not chase trends and fashion, but create them yourself, combining comfort with practicality. And such a credo fully fits into the practice of cooperation with foreign customers, whom the company values, therefore it is as friendly as possible to them.
The Garant Export company is one of those again in the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers that have recently acquired membership in it. They also did not take advantage of the opportunities and benefits that UAM provides its members, facilitating their export activities. The participation of the company in the first April Ukrainian B2B exhibition will be the first attempt for the Novograd Volyn furniture company, the first corporate experience. We hope that we will be productive, and we wish our colleagues.

The section “Success Stories” was founded as part of a grant project with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Bureau in Ukraine, the name of the project: “Increasing the level of cooperation and trust with joint participation in international and national public procurement” – TENDER TOGETHER.

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