UAFM in the Faces: Interview with Mykola Bocharnykiv, Owner of Art-NIKO

Expert in creating an elegant design

In the “biographies” of many domestic furniture companies, there is a common generic feature: they were “born” in the garage. Kharkiv company Art-NIKO is no exception. Then, back in 1992, Nikolai Bocharnikov modestly called his “Art-NIKO” workshop. But his desire to “say his word” in furniture, creating unique things and reverent love for natural wood became the driver that drove the company to growth and self-improvement. The lack of experience was more than offset by the enviable efficiency and determination of both the leader and his small cohesive team.

There is a long and difficult way to the current dynamically developing enterprise, equipped with new lines of modern equipment and advanced furniture technologies. The path from creating simple models to modern furniture samples with the most complex finishes. The production of simple “bulk” models, which was multiplied first by tens and then by hundreds per month, has grown into the creation of exclusive products for the demanding customer and individually stylized for the needs of expensive hotels. All this furniture narrative has crystallized into the company’s eloquent credo: the creation of the best from the little things that provide comfort and promotes complete relaxation.

Not immediately, but persistently developed and furniture specialization, and now “Art-NIKO” – a reputable manufacturer of mostly bedroom furniture. Devotion to natural wood remained unchanged. For its furniture, the company uses mainly ash and alder but does not neglect other popular species in furniture.

The purpose and functions of furniture have remained virtually unchanged for centuries, and only their design, which inspires both creators and users, is a real sign of the uniqueness of the product. Realizing this, Art-NIKO combines its own original design with the tastes of customers, creating a unique stylistic harmony. So it is not without reason that the company positions itself as an “expert in creating an elegant space.” The aesthetics of the subject design, on which she relied, attracted not only customers, “gourmets” of refined style, owners of luxury housing, but also added to their number of owners of four-five-star hotels, which order Nikolai Bocharnikov’s company to furnish apartments, because of appearance, and quality they correspond to the class of hotel rooms for which they are intended. And this applies not only to beds, but also other furniture items used in bedrooms – cabinets, chests of drawers, cabinets, dressing tables, mirrors. As HoReCa furniture is a significant part of the range, the company has created several series of hotel furniture. Both for elite and for economy class hotels.

From many furniture companies, you can hear that their main wealth – people, team. And for “Art-NIKO” such a statement is not for the faint of heart. And here’s how it sounds: “Before we make furniture, we create professionals – people who love their work and put love into their creations. Proven materials and accessories are only half of the component of any product. The equipment helps to accelerate processes and the accuracy of production. But the main value of any enterprise is always the people who depend on how clearly and accurately the work will be done. Our well-coordinated team has been selected for years. Its ambitious approach to solving any problem is a guarantee of stability of the enterprise, in particular in unfavourable conditions which happened more than once that is a basis for perspective development”.

Another proof that the company, although sometimes long, always persistently pursues its goals, is its export achievement. Last year she had a German partner. Ms Svitlana Kuznetsova, Mykola Mykolayovych’s main assistant, said that this client is an entrepreneur who sells furniture designed and manufactured in Kharkiv according to his sketches. Export needs have enriched the company’s masters with experience in working with such species as walnut, cherry, beech, maple.

The company does not intend to limit its export potential only to relations with this one German customer, so it could not miss the chance to increase this unit, which will give the April B2B exhibition “Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo”, the premiere of which is being prepared by the Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers. By the way, Art-NIKO also started a business relationship with a German businessman due to its membership in the UAFM, because it was recommended to Kharkiv residents (or, perhaps, on the contrary – to Kharkiv residents by a German) by a colleague from the Association.


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