Survey on participation in furniture clusters

On the way to the creation of furniture clusters, UAFM has held a number of meetings over the past month and signed a memorandum with the Kyiv Regional State Administration, specialized educational institutions and cluster-forming enterprises of the industry. Ukrainian furniture clusters will not only contribute to the development of the industry but also, being filled with social content will become a significant stimulus for the development of local communities. Furniture clusters, increasing the economic potential of the regions and thus developing the domestic economy as a whole, will create a significant number of new jobs for Ukrainians who will be able to receive decent wages at home.

Our next step is to collect feedback from you – Ukrainian furniture makers, so from 05 to 25 August 2020 UAFM conducts a survey on participation in furniture clusters in Kyiv, Rivne or Volyn to understand the expectations of entrepreneurs and educational institutions from the cluster.

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