Post-announcement of the Design brunch event with UAFM. Lean & Design. How to optimize the process of making designer furniture?

On Wednesday, July 14, 2021, UAFM held a meeting that, despite all the misunderstandings and lack of rules of the game, brought together furniture manufacturers and designers for a friendly brunch.

The new format of meetings and a new platform for communication between the furniture maker and the designer received the conceptual name Design Brunch with UAFM


Why is this such an important topic ?! We all want Ukrainian furniture to have a wide demand abroad so that our country is perceived not as a supplier of raw materials, but as a manufacturer of finished products. To achieve this goal, you need to supply designer furniture that has added value and value.

It was not by chance that Urban Space 500 was chosen as the site of Design brunch UAFM, it is a vivid example of creating a product through unification, which is what we want to achieve as a result of our meetings – to unite!

A cross-cutting theme of the fourth Design Brunch with UAFM: Lean & Design. How to optimize your designer furniture manufacturing processes?

The participants, together with the speakers, discussed the following:

Lean setup for serial furniture production

◾️Cooperation between a furniture maker and designer in Lean conditions on the example of ISTO studio

◾️optimization of production processes using the example of the Bassa factory.

The first speaker was Olga Peretyatko, Lean 6 Sigma consultant, Lean coach at Lean Six Sigma

Olga talked about how to solve customer problems without wasting their time, provide them with exactly the value they expect to receive and reduce the number of communication problems, thereby getting rid of wasted time and resources. The participants were actively involved in the dialogue with Olga, answering her questions and asking their own. Thus, the speaker’s speech quickly turned into a lively discussion, which did not end even during the break, during which guests were offered delicious dishes. But many preferred intellectual food, continuing their conversation with Olga and colleagues. In fact, all of our branches are quite active, but we have not seen such a stir yet. These were not just questions – answers, but complete immersion in the discussion process. Based on examples voiced by furniture makers and designers, controversial points and the desire for improvement, the value of networking grew and the understanding of the need to change and work not a lot, as LEAN teaches, but rationally and balanced.

Of course, Olga left us her presentation, but it only consists of theses that were revealed in the process of communication. We share these theses with you so that the participants can structure the content received at the brunch in memory, and those who could not be among the guests this time realized the benefits of the event and joined us in the future.

The next speaker was Sergey Shtefan, CEO of Bassa Factory

Sergey inspired everyone present to improve with his own history of changes. He spoke about the beginning of LEAN training at the School of Furniture Business Management, about Olga Peretyatko’s mentoring, about the difficulties that he had to face and how an irresistible desire for improvement helped to achieve the results that are now at the factory. Sharing experiences and helping others on the path to change is one of the LEAN principles that the Bassa factory actively adheres to. Sergei fascinatingly told the brunch participants not only general things but also revealed some of the secrets of the factory’s inner “kitchen”. For example, he shared a table of the composition of the download and talked about the internal mechanisms of the company. He willingly gave answers to all the questions he received from colleagues. In general, it was clear that the Bassa factory is not afraid of competition and helps other furniture makers. It is to such cooperation and interaction that we at UAF strive to compete not with each other, but all together with other countries. And we are grateful to all our members of the Association who join this driving process the way Bassa does.

Sergey’s presentation is here.

Together with Sergey, two more of his colleagues came to us, but we decided to dilute Bassa – content with design and invited Maxim Popovich, co-founder and project manager of the ISTO studio, to speak.

Maxim in his report spoke about the nuances of cooperation between a furniture maker and a design studio. He focused on important points for process optimization. Demonstrated examples of drawings with pictures and explanations, noted that their correct understanding by all parties will significantly reduce the work time and clarify already at the beginning of the project. Maxim also noted the need to analyze orders and predict controversial issues at the first stage of work, as well as a personal presentation to the client outside the chats, which will build trust and avoid possible misunderstandings. For example, in order to transfer client expectations and reality into a single space, ISTO studio created a library of samples, where the client can see the objects created by the studio and know what he can count on himself. At the end of his speech, Maxim motivated the guests to create WOW, be experts and not be afraid to offer alternative solutions.

Maxim’s presentation.  

The next speaker was Artem Slivar, head of the production at Bassa Factory

Artem’s detailed, specific, lively examples report immediately interested the audience of the brunch, moving it to 2019, when the factory had just started learning and implementing LEAN and gradually received significant results. Artem talked about the creation of flows in production, the formation of teams and the creation of orders, shared tables and diagrams of workflows that help to structure them and prevent losses. Briefly about the achievements of the factory in two years:

● decrease in the volume of production balances in the warehouse;

● increase in production volumes over a period of time;

● increase in throughput by 40%.

In the presentation that Artem kindly shared with us, you can find more information about what and how the factory has improved thanks to LEAN and the inspired work of the Bassa factory team.

The speaker willingly answered questions from the audience and gave the floor to his colleague in the factory.

Daniil Skripka, head of the commercial department of Factory Bassa summed up the results of the brunch with the main thought:

“Remember that you and the design studio are one big team! Your goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs as much as possible, make him happy and protect him from the exhausting process of renovation!”

Daniil spoke about his collaboration with designers and demonstrated projects that were completed together with the studios ISTO, RINA LOVKO, MAKHNO STUDIO.

In Daniil’s presentation, you can see illustrations of these projects.

At the end of his speech, the speaker once again emphasized the importance of constant communication between the furniture factory, design studio and the customer.

And we invite everyone to be active and participate in our events, each of which is a meaningful component of a single process – our overall improvement and strengthening of the Ukrainian furniture environment.

We hold design brunches systematically and we hope that they will facilitate collaboration between furniture makers and designers and help make Ukrainian furniture and design competitive and in demand in the world.


UAFM sincerely thanks all speakers and participants of the fourth Design Brunch. Together we took a good step towards understanding. We have reached the required level of openness, which made our dialogue what it should be for fruitful friendly cooperation.

Moving on!

The next Design brunch will be announced soon, follow our events and register!

Media partner design – brunches UAFM – Internet project The Architect! We thank our friends and partners Sergey and Svetlana Zaburannykh, who attended the event and took an active part in discussing the topic.




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