Special FBA course: Preparation for B2B meetings

We are announcing recruitment for the FBA special course: Preparation for B2B meetings

FURNITURE BUSINESS ACADEMY is a brand of UAFM, which represents all the educational products, knowledge, training materials and practical skills that the association produces for its members, with the main goal – to provide them with the necessary base for a powerful impetus to the development of the entire industry.

THE PURPOSE OF THE SPECIAL COURSE is to teach UAFM participants to effectively present themselves and their brand and confidently participate in B2B negotiations and sell their product for export in a short period of time.

DATE: August 2 – September 27, 2022.

The special course includes:

  • 8 educational modules
  • 24 hours of training
  • 8 homework assignments
  • 30 students
  • 16 experts
  • 100+ B2B meetings


1 MODULE. Export activity

  • getting to know the participants
  • admission to study
  • export cases: mass-market and contract furniture
  • cases of mergers of UAFM member companies
  • participation in international exhibitions
  • export sales strategy
  • audit of companies

2 MODULE. Branding and presentations

  • product positioning
  • branding
  • analysis of errors in brand presentation
  • preparation of presentation materials taking into account the client’s needs
  • visual communication

3 MODULE. Catalogs and price lists

  • preparation of handouts
  • digitization of presentation materials
  • 3D models
  • analysis of errors during catalog development
  • aesthetic component of distribution products
  • orientation to the customer country
  • key positions in the preparation of price lists

4 MODULE. Communications

  • basics of oratory
  • presentation of yourself and your brand
  • preparation of speeches and scripts
  • how to speak to stand out
  • communication skills
  • oral and written communication
  • public speeches

5 MODULE. Self-presentation

  • elevator pitch
  • how to create and deliver value to the customer
  • analysis of the main speech errors
  • algorithm for self-presentation preparation
  • how to sell easily and beautifully

6 MODULE. LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn page design checklist
  • B2B sales on the LinkedIn platform
  • recommendations for effective work in LinkedIn
  • determination of the most effective model for promoting the furniture business

7 MODULE. Preparation for B2B negotiations

  • effective communications
  • how to overcome the fear of communication
  • preparation for B2B negotiations
  • customer profile and sales channels
  • negotiation skills
  • stages of negotiations i
  • to conduct effective negotiations

8 MODULE. Practical module – participation in B2B

  • preparation and participation in B2B negotiations with potential buyers
  • feedback from buyers feedback from experts
  • error analysis


Oksana Donska is a member of the Board of UAFM and head of the B2B furniture exhibition Furniture of Ukraine Business Expo.

Dmytro Patis is a co-owner of ESKADA-M. Head of the UAFM Export Platform 2018-2020

Oleksandr Yushchenko is a member of the UAFM Management Board and head of the Project Orders Platform. Director of the MIRT company.

Oles Pishchak is an expert in reorganization and construction of the sales system. Managing partner of “AUDIT of SALES”.

Yaroslav Belinsky – expert in visual communications and branding, graphic designer. Founder and chairman of the Design4Ukraine Association. Owner and art director of the SuperGraphica design bureau. Facilitator and trainer in creativity and design management.

Artem Zubkevich is a brand designer with 18 years of experience. Founder and creative director of the Zubkevich Agency. Launched more than 100 brands. Brand director and partner of the Varenycia group of companies. Marketing teacher at the Smart People business school. The best digital designer of Ukraine according to the version of the international jury of the Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of competition.

Dmytro Novikov is the owner of Dmytro Novikov Design. Dmytro is engaged in industrial and subject design, as well as brand design and graphics Industrial, Brand, Graphic design.

Vitaly Kyryliv is a co-founder of the Hochu rayu bureau. design bureau.

Kostyantyn Kovshevatsky is a co-founder of ProDeco2022. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Pragmatika media.

Yevhen Zharnikov – 3D visualizer, owner of The Great Catalog company.

Dmytro Wolf – social scientist, psycholinguist, engineer of the mind. Specialist in communication and public speaking.

Evgeny Teplyakov is the recognized #1 sales trainer in Ukraine. Certified business trainer, European standard coach, psychologist.

Ihor Nikolenko is a LinkedIn mentor for business. More than 13 years of work experience in international companies. Thanks to contact through LinkedIn, he implemented a B2B project for $5.4 million

Yuliya Ventskovska is a member of the Board business community and works at MK:translations.

Oleksandr Oleshko is a psychologist, business coach, Gestalt therapist, actor and teacher of improvisation.

Volodymyr Voytenko – expert in negotiations and sales, business trainer. 25 years of work experience in international companies Pepsi, Mars, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Energizer, Pyramida Technick, Ulker


  1. The company must have its product, around which all material and immaterial forces are focused and gathered.
  2. Membership in the industry business community (UAM) is an additional reason to buy your product.
  3. If during negotiations with a potential client your product is not what he is looking for – no problem – advise your colleagues from UAM and someday they will advise you as well.
  4. It is a rule, not a wish, to always have a folder with a catalog, price and presentation available.
  5. Having the above materials in English is also a rule.
  6. It is a rule to have an English-speaking person on staff, or to cooperate with a translator.
  7. Being aware of your mission, vision, idea, strengths and weaknesses is your key to successful sales.
  8. Company values ​​also sell your product and it is always obvious when they are not defined.
  9. Everything that is on the Internet about you and your company is either your ticket or a barrier to communication with the buyer.
  10. Today, every Ukrainian company has both difficult challenges and unique opportunities to continue its business; we want furniture makers to clearly see opportunities in today’s realities and use them effectively.

We sincerely thank Kleiberit-Ukraine for supporting the FBA special course: Preparation for B2B meetings. Get to know the company

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