“Workshop” seventy-second, but in terms of success – among the first

When a manufacturing company, in this case, a furniture company, and specifically “Workshop №72”, become successful in more than two years, it does it an honor. And we, of course, could not help but pay attention to this phenomenon. Without special analyzes and explanations, it is clear: the founders clearly saw the prospects, competently, thought through and calculated the strategy of formation and development of the company and implement it just as competently. Nevertheless, we asked Igor Tkachenko, co-owner of the G72 Workshop, to tell us more about the main components of his company’s success.

To begin with, we will say in general: we are successful because furniture for us is not a job in the sense of duty, but a hobby, even a largely lifestyle, when you get pleasure not from the amount of money earned, but from the result of your work and creativity. After all, the creation of furniture, especially from solid wood – what the company specializes in – is, without exaggeration, creative. This also applies to the company’s management and its team. Management should not be indirect. The “first persons” can not only plan the result and get it. They must be in the thick of the process every day at all stages – from the purchase of materials and components to the shipment of finished products.

I will not be original when I repeat the common statement that the staff decides everything. Realizing this, we focused on this when creating the company. Employees were selected not just by carpentry profession or experience, they did not hire workers, but sought out people for whom working with wood is truly a vocation. And so it is not surprising that a mathematician teacher came to us, who realized that his real vocation is to work with wood. Guided by the same, a photographer from a prestigious photo studio came. If the personnel approach is such as to hire employees who can be paid less, then the results of their work will be appropriate: it will be enough for them, they should work “from call to call”, and everything else will not interest them.

The next component of the success of the “Workshop” – the environmental friendliness of its furniture. Ecotrend is something that was relied on even when the idea of ​​this business project was born. And this shows the foresight and promising thinking of the founders of the company: already now the environmental friendliness of products – consistently leading the world trend in consumption. And don’t think that this is temporary, that it is a whim or a fashion trend. On the contrary, the requirements for environmental friendliness will only increase.

There is nothing original about making furniture from natural wood, moreover, it is largely a return to the origins of furniture. Of course, more than one “Workshop” is engaged in this in Ukraine. But the advantage of “Workshopkeepers” is that they make furniture better than many other colleagues in the industry. Thus? First of all, due to the fact that they selected staff, which has already been said, they are truly in love with the woodworking business, the process of creating furniture. Secondly, the “Workshop” is “armed” with the most modern machine tools, which performs woodworking operations with high quality, high precision, high productivity, and advanced technologies for working with natural wood. And what is more important – such equipment and woodworking technologies work, minimizing waste. Such an economy and such efficiency allow the “Workshop” to receive more products from the same amount of raw materials than some other woodworkers and furniture makers. Again, not all colleagues and competitors can boast of such a machine park.

During the conversation, we gave Igor a couple of discussion arguments, to which he responded quite convincingly.

For example, as another advantage of solid wood furniture, Igor called their durability: they say that this is furniture that will serve for decades not only to those who bought them from us but also to their children and grandchildren. We remarked on this: isn’t the calculation here for the “scoop” mentality of our people who have been buying furniture for decades? After all, civilized Europeans are accustomed to changing the furnishing of their homes about every three to five years. In response, our interlocutor said: “Looking at what furniture. In fact, there is furniture that is designed to be replaced in a few years. Our furniture is from the category of those that will become more and more valuable over the years. Everyone knows that antique products of carpenters – say, the era of Louis – not only have not lost their appeal and furniture functions but also increased tenfold in price, are the dream of many.

And Igor had this message: not to mention, the high environmental friendliness of furniture is their undeniable advantage, but it also significantly increases the cost of them, thereby limiting the number of potential customers and buyers. The answer was as follows: “Yes, natural wood furniture is more expensive. Their environmental friendliness is ensured by other furniture materials, first of all, finishing, which are also more expensive. But we buy expensive food, realizing that this is the key to our health, the health of our children and grandchildren. And although furniture is not a necessity, this approach to them is becoming more common. To buy expensive, but qualitative and safe – a priori it is more expedient than to buy any cheap. It’s obvious.

Isn’t that convincing?

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