Webinar: “Inclusion in the furniture business”

Increasing the number of elderly people, people with disabilities, families with young children poses new challenges to the city, its design and infrastructure. Due to unavailability, these categories risk being excluded from a significant part of urban life, experiencing marginalization, exclusion and social isolation.

Inclusive design in the urban space makes it possible to ensure and guarantee the observance of equal rights; to improve the quality of life of the community and provide each of its inhabitants – according to age, mobility, abilities – with equal access to all resources and opportunities of the city.

Constantly looking for new sales channels, the latest design trends, sometimes we forget that there is a large amount of work here in Ukraine. There is a demand for inclusive furniture, but so few manufacturers.

Let’s talk about this together at the webinar: “Inclusion in the furniture business”.

Consider the following questions:

  • the concept of inclusiveness of furniture products;
  • the needs of low-mobility citizens;
  • furniture manufacturing standards.

When: 26.06.2020

Webinar speaker:

Alexander Vorona – Master of Social Work, graduate of Presidents MBA (KMBS), certified accessibility consultant from the Global Alliance with accessible technologies and environments, President of the Union of Public Organizations of People with Disabilities of Kyiv, Director of the Center for Inclusive Design, co-founder of the Association of Alumni of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

Registration for the webinar at the link: https://bit.ly/WebinarInclusion

Let’s create a better furniture environment in Ukraine together!

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