Visual Exposition FUBE – 2021

100 gifts – 100 opportunities – 100 tablets!

Adler Lake Ukraine gives a chance to every Ukrainian furniture maker and designer to express themselves at the first and only in Ukraine international B2B exhibition FUBE – 2021.

And if for any reason you did not become a physical exhibitor of the exhibition, do not worry, Adler, as always, understood your needs and found a way out.

The FUBE visual exposition is an opportunity for everyone to become an exhibitor of a grand event and to attract world attention.

While we are preparing the exhibition and collecting your works, buyers from 53 (!) Countries interested in buying your furniture are already waiting for a meeting.

Acceptance of works will be carried out in four categories:
  1. Furniture masterpiece (one piece of furniture);
  2. Serial furniture masterpiece (one item or collection of furniture);
  3. The object of decor or lighting;
  4. Project (interior spatial solution).

Applications will be accepted from April 12 to May 15, 2021. Companies and designers can submit their products and projects within this time.

Demonstration of tablets will take place at FUBE – 2021 from 15 to 17 June.

The selection of works for the FUBE visual exhibition will be carried out by the qualification commission of the European Design School which is a member of UAFM and a partner of our exhibition.

After moderation and in case your work is approved for participation, we will contact you for further action.

To submit your work, please fill out the form:

Application form

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